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===Episode number===
Be careful with different episodeorders here. For the moment the japanese "How it was supposed to be shown" order is our standard
*Normal Episode
*Special/Extra Episode <i>(DVD Specials, Bonus eps)</i>
*Opening/Ending/Theme/Credits Episode
*Trailer/Promo/Adv Episode
*Parody/Fansub Episode
*Other Episode <i>([[Files:Multi-episode files|Multi-ep]] and [[Files:Split-episode files|Split]], Supportfiles (AC3 modpacks, fontpacks, subtitles for more than 1 ep) and other things.)</i>
{{eyecatch|Note:|"Other" is NOT meant for OST's, Manga, AMV's or any other not official Special!<br> PV's are NOT allowed if they weren't on the DVD (R1, R2) as a special!}}
===Episode Name (English)===
if there is no real ep title (aka when the ep title = anime title) just name the ep OVA<br>
<i>for Movies</i><br>
See: [[Movie_GuidelineContent:Movies|Movie Guideline]]
===Play Length===

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