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The AniDB '''R'''ich '''T'''ext '''E'''ditor<br>
This page will try to explain the AniDB RTE and why it isn't your standard Rich Text Editor.
== How does an RTE work ==
An RTE is usually an html document within an iframe with the contentEditable attribute enabled which allows for the editing of the document in your browser, there is then a set of basic commands for doing basic commands, these basic commands are done via the document.execCommand command, stuff like bold, italic and so on are applied with this command, execCommand also has another functions to control how an RTE works.<br />
The RTE interface was developed by Microsoft and ported to other browsers by their respective vendors, much like the xmlhttprequest function that is core of AJAX.
== The AniDB case ==
AniDB doesn't store html formatted content like many other sites do, AniDB had for a long time a kind of tags, much like to the phpBB forum, like <tt>[b]some bold text[/b]</tt> and so on.<br />
Whenever you used one of these tags in a review or message or whatever those tags were then saved to the server and then parsed and converted to html content on display by the server, so the above text would be returned as "'''some bold text'''".
* <tt>[spoiler]...[/spoiler]</tt> - text is hidden; visibility of text can be toggled using "Show/Hide Spoiler" button
* <tt>[url]HREF[/url]</tt> - link to URL where text is the same as the URL (can only be used to link AniDB domain URLs)
* <tt>[url=HREF]...[/url]</tt> - link to URL where text is different from the URL (can only be used to link anidb AniDB domain URLs)
* <tt>[img]HREF[/img]</tt> - link to an image
== Browser Support ==
Here is a list of the currently browser support and some notes about them:<br/>
For visual preview of the current browser support check this [[ forum thread]].


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