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::These tread on the toes of both <code><nowiki><font></nowiki></code> level decoration and <code><nowiki><em></nowiki></code> level meaning. Classes are about what something is, not how it should be presented. Marking pos/neg is a different issue from 'text', and the current solution is not ideal.
:::the styles in () are just current values based on the old layout:
:::<code><nowiki><font color="red"><b>'''important text</b>'''</font> -> <span(or li/td/whatever) class="v_high local_name">important text</span></nowiki></code>
:::so 'v_high' is just to mark it as important, not red bold (and you can choose to ignore it and just use local_name). i'm still not saying this is the right way, though. at least not the naming. (g_important/g_note/g_ano_ne etc.)
::::Exactly, _high _med and _low seem to be based around the current presentation of bits of text rather than the actual intended function. Markup needs to be presenting the idea that some block 'is a warning that dire things might happen if you click that button', not that the block 'is be really visible and stands out lots'.
=== Listing ===
<pre> <nowiki>[g_filterlist] (simple - separated) <g_jumplist> <g_section (name)_list> <g_jumplist> <g_actionlist></nowiki></pre>
=== Sub listing ===
latest/myvotes/myreviews/mydb (has g_jumplist too)/up2date
<pre> <nowiki><g_navlist> [g_numonpage] [g_section (name)_list] [g_info] [g_filterlist] (ul) [g_actionlist]</nowiki></pre>
=== Info ===
*no g_sections here atm
<pre> <nowiki><"infobox"> (table(image,table) or div(div(div,div),p) atm) ["votebox"] [g_section list] [g_info] <g_actionlist></nowiki></pre>
=== Add ===


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