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== Preferences for ed2k links ==
Some settings to control general aspect of ed2k links.
=== *If* like cases ===
Currently there's a way to make something like if cases, imagine that you want to show that a file is raw you could do something like this:
<tt>[%raw] %ann - %enr - %epn</tt>But that would show for files that weren't raw some thing like this: <i>''"[] Full Metal Panic! - 01 - The guy I kinda Like is a Sergeant"</i>''.
What you can use is '<' and '>' pairs, if a pattern inside of '<' and '>' returns "" the entire text inside of the '<' and '>' would simply not be shown, so if you changed your tag to be something like this:
<tt><[%raw] >%ann - %enr - %epn</tt>For non raw files it would simply output this: <i>''"Full Metal Panic! - 01 - The guy I kinda Like is a Sergeant"</i>''
=== Default formats ===
Currently AniDB uses something like this format:
<tt>%ann - %enr%ver - %epn - <[%grp]><(%crc)><(%cen)><(%lang)><(%raw)></tt>
This format for file [ 182271] returns the following ed2k links:
; ajax page : <i>''Full_Metal_Panic!_-_01_-_The_guy_I_kinda_Like_is_a_Sergeant_-_[aF](c154d33d)(</i>''; new anime page : <i>''Full_Metal_Panic!_-_01_-_The_guy_I_kinda_Like_is_a_Sergeant_-_[aF](c154d33d)(</i>''
<b>note</b>'''Note: the ''' The last link gets encoded to pass in browsers, the actual output is: <tt>ed2k://|file|Full%20Metal%20Panic!%20-%2001%20-%20The%20guy%20I%20kinda%20Like%20is%20a%20Sergeant%20-%20%5BaF%5D(c154d33d)(|238990934|62c078dc6c78597e7a6c81734cc0ee27|/</tt>


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