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{{TOCright}} ==What is it?!==
Lafiel is an event bot that prints useful information about the current AniDB activity.
==Where to find it?!==
Lafiel unlike [[IRC:Chii|Chii[AR]]] can only be found in [[IRC:Anidb-log|#anidb-log]]. Hang around in this channel if you are extremely bored or just want to monitor the situation.
==How to use it?!==
Lafiel has no useful commands for normal users. She should only be watched passively.
Looking at the full log output can be sometimes tiring, so a good idea would be to filter it. A great tool for this is your IRC client. Here is an example for [ Irssi]:
To use this example, edit out from the regexp the events you want to see, delete all linebreaks line breaks to make the example a single long line, and paste it into your irssi client.
/ignore -regexp -pattern "(
)" Lafiel[AR]!* PUBLIC
For other clients that support ignoring by regular expressions, you can use the appropriate command syntax and use all that is between "-characters as the regular expression. If your IRC client does not support regular expressions(mIRC(does it?) comes into mind) you will have to find another way.
* !status* !version


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