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*Anidb: This Site
*URL: Uniform Resource Locator eg.
*IRC: Internet Relay Chat, a protocol used to chat and secondary to transfer files. Many Clients for the prog protocol are available the most popular one , probably , being mirc mIRC which is very configurable and extendable with scripts.
*Metadata: Metadata (sometimes called metainformation) is "data about data", of any sort in any media. An item of metadata may describe an individual datum, or content item, or a collection of data including multiple content items. (For More: In short this is the data or information you as user inputs in the db when adding a file.
*Hash: A hash is a calculated series of characters which hold information about a specific file. Anidb uses the ED2K Hash to identify it's files and make sure they are unique. Other hashes are also required to add if you do it manually because the more hashes the surer you can be the file is unique. The most known hash is the CRC Hash which can be found in many anime filenames by default, an example: Ghost_In_The_Shell_SAC_2nd_GIG_01.DVD(H264.AC3_5.1)[KAA]['''F0EF9123'''].mkv. The bold piece in the filename is the CRC. (For more on this


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