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The SigServer is located at

Signature XML

In order to make the options as vast as possible a markup language named Signature XML was constructed. It supports text, geometric shapes, user defined variables and image inclusion.

Signature math

To take the dynamic aspect of the signatures to a higher level Signature Math was introduced. It allows to perform mathematical operations on variables, numbers and strings. It also allows some basic functions.


All data from AniDB is accessed using variables inside Signature Math block. A complete list of all of them including description.

Linking to signatures

The signature server will automatically generate BBCode and HTML links that will allow you to display your signature as a clickable image that will take people to your MyList, My Votes, User Page, or My Reviews page on AniDB based on the Links option you select. If you don't want the signature to be linked to AniDB you can remove the "URL" markers from the BBCode or the "a" markers from the HTML.

If you need the signature image URL to end with an image file extension you can add "signature.jpg", "signature.png" or "signature.gif" to the end of the URL.


Templates allows creation of signatures in just a few mouse clicks. It is possible to create custom ones. To publish a template please contact antennen on IRC, forum or PM.


Check out the example signatures for a quick start. Feel free to add your own as well.

This is a good place to start at. You can simply copy&paste some example to get up and running.