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  • Dec 10, 2005 (Increased performance)
  • Dec 04, 2005 (Now works with Firefox 1.5)
  • Mar 10, 2015 (Fixed Decimal Vote to work on site again)

This script added two new features (new to 2005) to the anime pages:

  • It allowed you to select all the files from a same group with a single click, which now can be done in the AJAX version of AniDB (go to your profile options and check the option that says "Use Ajax on anime and MyList").
  • It allowed you to vote for anime more precisely, with 2 decimals. Ex. Vote 8.25

The script's first feature, mass-selection from a single group, can now be done through AniDB's AJAX version. Thus, both the "full version" and "mass-select" versions of this script are now to be considered depreciated. The "DecimalVote" version of the script still works perfectly fine, so it can still be used in AniDB, even when the AJAX version is being used.


  • Step 1 - Install the Greasemonkey Firefox extension (
  • Step 2 - Install one of the user scripts (links below) by clicking the link and selecting "Install" when the Greasemonkey prompt window pops up.


Updated by user kingtux as discussed here : Group-Select-Files and Precise Votes features
Original by Lupin III: Group-Select-Files and Precise Votes features -- (Sourcecode)
Group-Select-Files only -- (Sourcecode)
Precise Votes only -- (Sourcecode)

Thanks to Lupin III for this script, TechNiko for providing the original space for hosting the scripts (no longer available), and kingtux for reviving maintenance on the scripts.