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Quote from exp on the anidb tracker (2008-04-17 23:43)

*2013-06-04: new ssl certificates*

SHA1 Fingerprint=A6:5A:65:AC:DA:F4:E8:D7:4E:EC:62:C1:1F:8E:77:B9:F7:70:88:37
Please note All requests for images, stylesheets and other page elements are NOT encrypted. Such requests should usually not be directed towards "" but rather towards specific subdomains (i.e. "" or ""). Requests to subdomains do not include the AniDB authentication cookies and should thus not allow attackers to hijack your AniDB session.

This means that:

a) If we've accidentially hardcoded an access to somewhere, this would instantly allow an attacker to obtain your session authorisation cookie.

b) Attackers may be able to infer the AniDB pages you're browsing on and your AniDB user id by looking at the cookie and referrer data sent to AniDB subdomains when stylesheet and image data is loaded. For maximum security you should browse AniDB with all images and stylesheets disabled. Or, the recommended approach, use some VPN.