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You can use the MyList Mass Change feature of your MyList in order to change fields of many files at the same time.


There's a link in the MyList menu (located to the right in your MyList) called "mass update". If you need to change the information for many files at once, use this feature. You can change the following info:

  • Whether they are Watched/Unwatched,
  • Whether they are on HDD/on CD/deleted/unknown,
  • What source you got them from,
  • Where you have them stored,
  • Comment.

Any and all of these fields can be changed with just the copying of some text and the click of a button. One thing you do need in order to do this, are the ed2k-hashes of the files in question. You may without trouble copy these things from a webpage if you wish - the mass update feature will filter out anything that isn't an ed2k-link and just use the ed2k-hash.

The main field in the MyList Mass Change page is where you should paste the ed2k links, then below that you can select which fields you want to change, and to what you want to change them. After that you just click the add button. If you don't have the files in your MyList yet, they will not be added. If you want to add a lot of files in a very similar way, you should use the ed2kdump function instead.

If you do not have an ed2k-hash of a file, you can use AOM or WebAOM to get one.