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Current features

A list of the current, known, Javascript based features. Everything that should be ported to jQuery goes here.


  • AJAX search auto complete for tags, character tags, producers, etc. Attaches itself to global search field.
  • Tab boxes: Profile, anime page, reports, and lots more
  • WYSIWYG, attached to a number of pages
  • Table sorting: Anime page, my list, my wishlist, my messages
  • Collapse thumbnails in tables
  • Collapse right menu: My list, anime list, latest
  • Information tooltips; An "i"-icon on anime, character, creator titles
  • Collapsing headers by clicking them
  • Ed2k link filenames


  • Style selector
  • Shuttles/Combo boxes
  • Showing JS options when JS is enabled


  • Spoiler button

Anime page

  • Group box expansion
    • Group expand episodes
  • Episode expansion
    • Table sorting
  • My list quick add box
  • File adding templates
  • Tag auto complete on anime tag page
  • Mass(normal?) episode adding, to add new episodes without page reload
  • Mass/normal file adding page, for different templates
  • group search on file add


  • completion bars
  • (with aid param) group search

My List

  • Anime expansion; File or episode expansion depending on profile
    • Episode expansion
    • AJAX mark as watched


  • Notification options as dropdowns, currently semi broken


  • Add tags:List of all tags in conveinient columns
  • Add character templates, hide fields based on entity type
  • Add character: AJAX search for guises

Anime Tag Admin

  • tag search when merging tags

User Signup

  • Check if username is available
  • Confirm passwords / email match

Suggested Reimplementation

  1. Include jQuery
  2. A consistent way of handling options
  3. Write features as plugins
  4. Profit

Things that will be done differently

  • Tab boxes will rely on the location hash (#someid), that way it's easy to link to them. They will not rely on cookies anymore. That way they'll support browser history as well.