How to use the AniDB wiki?

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The current AniDB wiki can be freely updated by anyone. You just need to use the “edit” button on top of each page.

General Wiki Syntax

For general help about the wiki syntax, you can start from the MediaWiki Handbook help page from WikiMedia Meta:

AniDB Wiki Specific Syntax

Some templates are here to make your life easier :

  • {{link}} will link to an AniDB page
  • {{short}} will link to an AniDB short link
  • {{button}} will link to AniDB with a button
  • {{irclink}} will link to an IRC channel

Administrator Help

For fast help, you can come and visit our IRC channel:

If you need to delete a page, edit or rename a protected page, you can contact a sysop:

If you need to become a sysop, you can contact a bureaucrat:

Translating AniDB Wiki

You can create pages in your language starting them with an ISO 639 or IETF language tag and a slash. For example: