How to use the AniDB forum?

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The AniDB forum is located at:

You can reach it from either the forum link located near the bottom of the main menu on the left. Or the forum button in the topbar of each Anime and Group entry.

The old AniDB forum can be found here:


For information on the AniDB forum syntax see the AniDB Rich Text Editor section.

The old forum uses the phpBB system. For help about the phpBB syntax, please visit:

Administrator help

For fast help, you can come and visit our IRC channel:

For administration and moderation help, you can contact a Senior Mod/Mod from the following staff list:

Alternative languages

AniDB does not offer forum support through alternative languages.


AniDB does NOT offer any files for download, streaming or whatever means you can think of, NOR does AniDB host any files.
All questions about downloads/ed2k/BitTorrent/... links/clients/servers/whatever will be locked and removed without warning.
For more information see FAQ:Downloads


It is possible to set a forum signature in your UserPage.
To do this, simply click the edit button on the bottom of the page and copy the BB code from the signature server.
For more information on how to make your own signatures see SigServer.

For the AniDB forum the maximum signature image dimensions are 500x200 and the max signature image file size is 100,000 bytes, but please do not feel the need to max these out. Smaller is often better.

Forum Ranks

For more information on the forum ranks see Comments.

Hiding Spoilers

Please be considerate of those who have not watched the show yet. Specific anime plot details, such as the identity of the killer in a murder mystery, should be enclosed in spoiler tags. It is as simple as this:

[spoiler]Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the candlestick![/spoiler]