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You know a group that's not listed...

AniDB is a user driven database and every user can add new groups. So if you know a group that's not yet in AniDB, we encourage you to add it. We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new group, it's for all users' benefit.

Only add publicly available groups

Main article: Content:Files#Private / Personal_files

AniDB only maintains information on groups that release anime files publicly on the internet. Do not add groups if they only release private files.

Where can I add groups?

You can find the add group link at the bottom of the grouplist. Once you click it you're on the "Add Group" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.

Basic info you should include when adding a group


Name of the group.
for example: AnimeOne

Group Tag

The tag of the group.
for example: AonE

Animegroup Release Note Comments

The Animegroup release note comments are used to provide information on a group's particular release of a given anime. The most common information here would be credit/attribution for original sources, such as if the subtitles are from another group's work, or if a specific group's raws were used.

Please see Animegroup Release Note Comments for more details as to how to edit/insert these notes, and how the notes should be formatted.

Optional Info

We'd like you to add this info sooner or later to the episode since some other users will benefit from your work.


A link to the group's website. Do not enter their BitTorrent tracker, their user page on any public torrent tracker, their XDCC file listing page, or any other URL in the same spirit!

Email/IRC data

Official email address of the group.


The PIC ID allows you to add a picture for this group. It will be displayed together with the group info. To add it, first you have to use the Upload a Pic function to upload a picture directly from your HDD to the AniDB server. The function generates short image IDs such as 12345.jpg. After uploading a picture, copy this image ID as-is into the Picture ID field.

  • The recommended size for pictures is 400x500 (normal) or 500x200 (banner).
  • There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under 100 KB, if possible.
  • Don't use animated pictures.


Add a short description of the group or other important information, like primary subbing language to this field. No personal comments, please!

Related Groups

Groups can have group relations to other groups, such as being marked as a child group, parent group, member of a joint release, etc.