Help! Login doesn't work / kicked out when I log in.

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General login problems

There are 3 likely reasons for this:

  • you have cookies disabled in your browser
  • you are using a proxy server which spans multiple IPs, try enabling the remember password option
  • your system time is incorrect

if you check the 3 points above it should work.

You have cookies disabled in your browser

In case of the Internet Explorer, you may have to enable "allow all cookies" for AniDB:

Solution 1
Go to and login. In the lower right of the window, you'll find an icon like that: -IMAGE MISSING-. Double-click on it, then double-click on one line that begins with "" and select "always allow cookies from this site" -> OK. Repeat with one line that begins with "".

Solution 2
Extras -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Websites, edit -> enter "" and click "allow", enter "" and click "allow".


  • The menu- and button-names are just rough translations.
  • "" is the new host of AniDB, this is no advertisement-server, in case you were wondering ;)
  • After that, you have to enable "remember pass" once more before it'll work

Login problems when switching between multiple computers/browsers

By default AniDB invalidates all prior sessions and stores password on login. That means that once you login on one computer/in one browser all your sessions on other computers or in other browsers become invalid.

You can disable this behaviour by checking the "Keep old Cookies" and "Remember Password" options on the Login Page (the Login Page can be accessed by clicking the * next to the normal login box on the AniDB website).