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AniDB hosts some custom stylesheets for your viewing pleasure, to see them you just need to go to your profile (Button profile.gif on AniDB) and select the one you wish to use using the NEXT and PREV buttons to see a thumbnail, optionally you can view a screenshot of the style by clicking the link below the thumbnail. When you are happy with one style just click apply.

If you created your own style for AniDB and want to share it with everyone else please send a PM to deridiot @ AniDB
You might also want to periodically check AniDB:Markup DEV for a list of the latest AniDB changes with CSS implications.

The sourcecode of all release versions of the CSS styles listed on this page is available via SVN.
The sourcecode has migrated to Git. See AniDB:CSS Dev on details to obtain a copy.

Note If you are using a custom CSS stylesheet please make sure you are basing your work on some current available stylesheet and test to see if the images you are using are still in use after each AniDB release.

Further pages of interest, if you plan to create your own AniDB Style: