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What fields can be creqed automatically?

Field Creqable Formats Certainty
file.fid no none 0%
file.aid no none 0%
file.eid no none 0%
file.gid no none 0%
file.quality no none 0%
file.source no none 0%
file.status (crc,version,censored) no none 0%
file.release_date no none 1%
file.size no none 0%
file.hash (md5,sha1,crc,tth) yes all 100%
file.type (video,subtitles,other) yes all 95%
file.extension (filetype/format) yes all 95%
file.length yes all 60%
file.stream.no yes all 50%
file.stream.id yes all 50%
file.video.codec yes all 75%
file.video.bitrate yes all 75%
file.video.resolution yes all 90%
file.video.ar yes all 50%
file.video.fps yes all 75%
file.video.flag.wrongar maybe all 9%
file.video.flag.anamorphic yes mkv 100%
file.video.flag.vfr yes mkv,mp4 90%
file.video.flag.clean no none 0%
file.audio.type (normal,cmt,fandub,alt,other) no none 0%
file.audio.language yes mkv,ogm (avi) 60%
file.audio.codec yes all 75%
file.audio.bitrate yes all 75%
file.audio.channels yes all 40%
file.subtitles.type (hard,soft,supl,other) partially, soft mkv,ogm,mp4 100%
file.subtitles.language yes mkv,ogm 60%
file.subtitles.flag.image_subs yes mkv 100%
file.subtitles.flag.styled_subs yes mkv 100%
file.subtitles.flag.unstyled_subs yes all 100%
file.subtitles.flag.additional_explanations no none 0%
file.subtitles.flag.dubsubbed no none 0%
file.subtitles.flag.hearing_impaired_subs no none 0%
file.subtitles.flag.karaoke_subbed no none 0%
file.subtitles.flag.signs_translated no none 0%
file.subtitles.flag.subs_for_commentary_audio_stream no none 0%

When should data be creqed automatically?

  • When fields are blank.
  • When fields are obviously wrong, or outside a specified range.

... versions, !aomskip!, after modedit or granted qreqs?