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This is the place to contribute ideas on a possible future addition of anime release data to AniDB.

For other areas of active development on AniDB, check:



The idea is to put up a system that allows to contain data of multiple releases of an anime (DVD, BD, multiple TV airings, etc.). Additionally it will hold times of the airing to build proper schedules.


The data for this can be retrieved from cal.syoboi, amazon and other pages we already use for this. Though we only use them partially so far.



Each release from a certain medium is implemented as a release. A release may have multiple episodes assigned to it which then hold airdates.


To make this work properly we will need decent massadding interfaces as manual setting of stuff will very fast get tiresome for this. Especially for tv airings.



Animereleases tables.png

creatorid will hold the id of the broadcaster/publisher. this will be optional. same goes for epno and eptype. Used to shuffle eps around if that has happened in that release. a further appliance aside of this data aside of for pure information is at this point not planned.

startdate/eddate will be autofilled based on epreleasetb data and is not manually editable. just some caching fields.


  • regular
  • preair
  • special edition (remastered, limited edition, directors cut etc.)


  • TV
  • VHS
  • DVD
  • LD
  • Blueray
  • WWW
  • theatre

Outstanding Issues

  • do we care about other countries? generally we have not so far, becuause of the licensing issue which of course is partial bs, but that's another story

Out of Scope

  • proper edition handling
  • displaying ep orders