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The information on this page needs to be updated to reflect the current status of AniDB.
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Note Those files you see under the episode entries are not located on the AniDB server. Nor will we help you to download them! We only collect file information (codec, bitrate, ...) and allow users to make a list of files they have.

Files are only visible when expand or expand all icon (Plus.gif) was clicked.

Expanded view of an episode entry

This part features information about files which got added to AniDB and is once more separable into various subsections:

  • checkbox
    Those are only visible, when you clicked expand all entries and are used to mass-add files to your MyList.
  • fid
    When you click on this all available file details display will get displayed in a separate window.
  • filesize
  • stat
    Various states are possible, but not all might get displayed. This depends on your MyList and various file details.
  • File version
  • Audio language
    Country flags without any further sign in them indicate audio languages. Those are also combinable to show dual-audio
    Example: Anidb audio english.gif - English audio
  • Subtitle language
    Country flags with a little sign in the bottom right corner indicate subtitle languages.
    Example: Anidb sub english.gif - English subtitles
  • CRC status
  • Filecomment
    If a file comment was added to the file a little white sheet icon (Anidb comment.gif) will get displayed. Hover over it with your mouse to read it.
  • MyList status
  • Filetype
    This will only get displayed when you added a generic file to your MyList and you have set a Filetype for it.
  • Filestates
    This will only get displayed when you added a file to your MyList.
  • Watched Status
  • by
    For this either a group tag will get displayed,which is clickable and will send you to the groupentry of that group or a no group tag. The later means it's unknown who did this file.
  • qual
    Quality rating
  • res
  • source
  • Users
  • Provides information about the availability of that file. The colour coding is the same as on the detailed file info page.
  • blue = users having that file in their MyList
  • black = users who deleted that file
  • black(italic) = users with state unknown
  • Counts for the states on HDD and on CD are not shown.
  • ed2k
  • action
  • If you don't have that file in your MyList yet you can add it via clicking the add to own MyList icon (Anidb file addmylist.gif)
  • If you have the file already in your MyList there will be 2 different icons instead. One for changing the watched status and one for removing it from your MyList (Anidb file removemylist.gif)

Adding/Removing Files

Please read the Guideline for adding files for further information.