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Most Independent User

What is it?!

The Independence of a user is measured as the ratio between files he added to the AniDB himself and files he has in his MyList. So i.e. if you added all the files you have in your MyList yourself to the database you would have an independence level of 100%. If you added no files at all but have lots of files which where already in the database in your MyList you'll get an independence level of 0%.

How can someone get an independence level of 228%?

Well that person needs to have some real mental problems. Basically it means that person added lots of files to the database but added less than half of them to his MyList.

Is it a bad thing to have an independence level of 0%?

Well, of course it would be nice if you were adding new stuff too and not only using the stuff other people already added but there is no rule which forces you to do so. So if you just want to be a leech, well so be it. ;)