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Legend for version 0.3+:
  ! Important infromation
  + New feature
  * Change
  - Bugfix

Current issues:
! PetriW  - Hashing files from DVD / CD is NOT recommended, AOM does no verification that what's read is actually correct. Rather use the explorer to copy the files to hdd (it does a crc check on copied data) then hash from there.

24-11-2015 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Raised RAM limit 3GiB... I hope you've upgraded to 64-bit!

19-05-2011 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added support for the restricted flag on anime.
+ PetriW  - Added AirDate/EndDate to anime.
+ PetriW  - Rewrote file renaming. See for details.
+ PetriW  - File renaming will trim off periods and spaces from the end of folder and file names.
+ PetriW  - Changed the storage of anime, anime titles, episodes, files and reviews. This should reduce the ram/disk space required significantly. On first start a restart may be required after dump to see this due to memory fragmentation.
+ PetriW  - Added client support for Episode Titles, only available in renaming.
+ PetriW  - Added fullpath option for hashed files export.
+ PetriW  - Added batchlist override for auto rename.
+ PetriW  - A warning is now shown in "Delete selected files" and AoM will delete the files to the recycle bin if possible.
* PetriW  - The log view is no longer a memobox. It can now display unicode properly.
* PetriW  - The Invalid Files tab should no longer require files to be known to anidb to show missing files.
* PetriW  - The Hashed Files tree should now load about 90% faster on small changes.
* PetriW  - Genres tab has been removed.
- PetriW  - Fixed a few Unkowns.
- PetriW  - Carefully sifted through the assembler code for file renaming and hopefully all conversions between UTF-16 and the user locale should be gone. This means weird characters should now work fine.
- PetriW  - May have fixed the "some kind of list error (0)" error.
- PetriW  - Changed shutdown of the file manager thread to actually shut down on exit.
- PetriW  - Fixed bugs in the add files (for hashing) code.
- PetriW  - Images should now properly save to the images folder again.
- PetriW  - Images should now load after being downloaded rather than requiring the Anime Frame to be reopened.

04-01-2010 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added a few more length stats to the statwhoring dump.
* PetriW  - Renamed the "Local files" frame to "Hashed files".
* PetriW  - Unknown files now only displays hashed files that are not known to AniDB.
* PetriW  - Added a "Not in mylist" tab to Hashed files, this tab does what the old "Unknown files" tab did.
* PetriW  - Removed the toggle subfolders button in the add folders dialog. AoM will now always add all subfolders when you add a folder.

04-01-2010 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added a progress bar in the status bar for downloading files (if size is known).
* PetriW  - Changed from a tabsheet based main form layout to a treebased view.
* PetriW  - Added a description text next to the hashing progress bar in the status bar.
* PetriW  - Removed the progress bars for copy files / remove files / export.
* PetriW  - Moved the dump progress bars from a separate dialog into the status bar.
* PetriW  - Switched to a faster decryption implementation, no more 3 minute wait before it starts parsing dump downloads! :) 
* PetriW  - Reduced the memory usage during dump parsing by a few hundred mb.
* PetriW  - Downloading files from AniDB is now done to memory rather than to disk.
- PetriW  - Several actions in the known files should no longer affect selected items that are hidden through filtering.
- PetriW  - The program should no longer throw an access violation when file managers are deleted.
- PetriW  - Fixed an occasion where the file manager missed files on case sensitive file systems.
- PetriW  - Fixed an access violation when adding a file on a network drive.
- PetriW  - AoM will no longer ask for a complete download of everything if only the mylist is missing.

12-10-2009 version ALPHA public release
* PetriW  - The episode level in mylist now only shows the number of files you have for an episode in the EPs column.
- PetriW  - Removed several add/edit anime/episode/file/genre buttons throgout the program. The weren't really working anyway.
- PetriW  - All files in mylist should no longer be counted as specials.
- PetriW  - Episode names should once again appear in the mylist.

12-10-2009 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added a crash report feedback utility.

11-10-2009 version ALPHA public release
* PetriW  - Updated to the latest TCP API version.
- PetriW  - Specials should now work properly everywhere in the program.
- PetriW  - Anime details should now work properly in Windows 7.

13-01-2008 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added "move to" and "copy to" to the right click menu in the known files. Note that this feature does NOT update the known files list and that eventhough these windows look like they're run in the windows explorer they're actually running in AoM and noticeably affects it's performance. Only ONE window at a time can move files so if you start multiple moves the last one started will move files.
* PetriW  - AoM will no longer autocreq files when avdump hashing is enabled.
- PetriW  - The options for is now actually named "Options".
- PetriW  - AVDump should now work fine if the AoM folder isn't the current working folder.

09-12-2007 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - The known files page now contain tabs which filter the known files view.
+ PetriW  - Length by anime type added.
* PetriW  - The "remove invalid files" button has been removed, instead please use the tabs to show invalid files.
- Petriw  - Application title should update better now.
- PetriW  - Watched by mylist status should be better now.
- PetriW  - Size of labels in the statistics page are significantly larger.
- PetriW  - Size by anime type should work.
- PetriW  - Number of files watched by mylist status should no longer be multiplied by 60.

09-12-2007 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Users with a large mylist and/or a large list of known files should notice a staggering performance improvement when starting AoM.
+ PetriW  - Added some new anime statistics.
+ PetriW  - Added a button to remove files no longer present on disk from the known files list.
+ PetriW  - AoM can now launch AVDump after each hashed file to update the anidb info for the file, check the general page in the options dialog.
+ PetriW  - Added watched / status / source / storage fields to known files. 
+ PetriW  - Added mark watched / mark unwatched / set status to unknown / on hdd / on cd / deleted to known files.
+ PetriW  - Added a feature to force a complete update of the mylist, use with caution, it's not a good idea to use it as a mylist update feature.
+ PetriW  - Added copy ed2k / path to clipboard to the known files popup menu.
+ PetriW  - Added "delete selected files" to the known files popup menu. (And there IS a confirmation dialog so no complaining about deleting by accident!)
* PetriW  - AoM will no longer try to read avi info for files, this should mean it no longer crashes on random files.
- PetriW  - Files larger than 4GiB probably work better now. As the sha1 and md5 calculations AoM use doesn't seem to support files this large they're not calculated.
- PetriW  - Changed the add/edit form a little so it shouldn't show scrollbars anymore. ;) 

10-01-2007 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added a storage and source column to the mylist tab tree.
+ PetriW  - Added username to statwhore output.

09-01-2007 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Backconverted the aom.6 http download code to remove the reliance on Internet Explorer in AOM.

06-01-2007 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added statwhore file support. ;) 

02-01-2007 version ALPHA public release
* PetriW  - AOM will no longer creq file length if it's above 0 in the database, even if it thinks it's wrong.
- PetriW  - Fixed the parser not being able to parse numbers other than between 100 and 999 on 520 errors.

06-10-2006 version ALPHA public release
- PetriW  - Fixed a parser bug incorrectly identifying some TAG lines as commands.

02-05-2006 version ALPHA public release
* PetriW  - Basic support for latest version of the AniDB api. Due to all work being focused on aom.6 no extra effort has been spent on actually supporting the new stuff. ;)
- PetriW  - Fixed aom taking a long time to close with a large number of known files.
- PetriW  - Review formatting removed due to excessive amount of buggy code. ;)

28-11-2005 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added support for the new specials.
+ PetriW  - Added trivial support for generic files.
* PetriW  - Removed shared and release state from mylist entry options.
* PetriW  - Moved Mylist tab to the Anime Browser tab.
- PetriW  - Anime titles should now link properly to anime regardless of what order the TCP API sends the data.

03-08-2005 version ALPHA public release
- PetriW  - Quickfix for special episode numbers. They will be too high but at least the program won't blow up.

03-08-2005 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Bitrate auto creq temporarily disabled, I have enough data to start looking into what files are creqed wrong and the mods have had enough for now. ;) 
! PetriW  - A minor sanity check has been made to length creq, it will now simply not creq length on very short files. This will probably change in 0.5.6.
+ PetriW  - If a change request is submitted for a file AoM will now wait at least 6 hours before trying again. The timer resets if you restart the client.

01-08-2005 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - AoM will now creq video bitrate for avi files if it's off by more than 10%.
+ PetriW  - AoM will now creq audio bitrate for avi files if it's off by more than 5%.
+ PetriW  - AoM will now creq length for avi files.
+ PetriW  - Cache now stores file length, this requires a fresh dump from AniDB.
- PetriW  - The AniDB API connection might no longer raise an exception when an anime is removed.
- PetriW  - The AniDB API line buffer is now larger.

18-05-2005 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Updated local api version to force redownload of anidb data due to the recent anidb group bug.
+ PetriW  - Added support for state in the anime search.
+ PetriW  - Genres in anime search should now work again.
* PetriW  - Made some changes and fixes to sorting in animelist related trees.
* PetriW  - The log is no longer read only, this so you can clear the log to free some memory if you have the client running a couple of weeks.
- PetriW  - The number given on a dump update exception should now be MUCH more useful. ;)
- PetriW  - Client now correctly updates the image server url when connecting to anidb.
- PetriW  - Client now treat null integer columns as 0 and null boolean columns as false.
- PetriW  - Known files list loading should no longer check the HDD for proper case information on filenames.

18-02-2005 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Advanced search is borked in this version, it'll be back asap if the client is well received.
! PetriW  - The code for "Correct data if different" has been completely removed from the application. ;) 
! PetriW  - Changed storage around, it now uses a more efficient encryption algorithm and shouldn't have fragmentation problems.
+ PetriW  - The storage is now written in a transactional manner for improved performance. (Update block in ram and write to disk when done.)
+ PetriW  - Anime size is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - Episode size is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - Anime length is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - When downloading files the total size of the current file and the queue is shown (if available). *sees the modem users run out screaming a miracle has occured*
+ PetriW  - If you seach for a title the name you searched now replaces "Result".
* PetriW  - Updated the api and image download urls.
* PetriW  - Storage reading/writing now hints random access to the os for improved performance.
* PetriW  - File hashing now hints sequential access to the os for improved performance.
* PetriW  - New searches are now autofocued for you.
- PetriW  - The kowai folder is now always created on startup, should fix a few errors.
- PetriW  - Added error catching for some crash issues, the client will still fail internally but it shouldn't be visible to the user.
- PetriW  - Removing a local file should now clear all it's cached indexes properly.
- PetriW  - The hashing thread will now no longer crash on unknown AviInfo exceptions.
- PetriW  - The generic popup menu should no longer be associated with the Anime browsers main pagecontrol.
- PetriW  - Editing multiple entries in mylist should now actually not just edit the first entry. ;)

16-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - This version will force an update of the local cache due to potential corruption from the defragmenter in earlier versions. Defragmenting is for the moment disabled. This should fix most current "weird" bugs. ><
+ PetriW  - Mylist update checkboxes are now also supported in known files and mylist.
+ PetriW  - Added /fullupdate command line switch.
+ PetriW  - Readded api version support, the local storage will now clear itself when AOM reports it uses a newer anidb version.
+ PetriW  - Logfile added that stores all actions taken on the local storage through AniDB API commands, this is a bugtrace and intended to be removed later.
+ PetriW  - Keyboard shortcuts added for switching between tab pages.
+ PetriW  - Usercount for files readded.
+ PetriW  - All treeviews now retain column width, index and visibility from the previous session.
* PetriW  - Storage defragmentation disabled, seems it's causing entries to be lost.
* PetriW  - Tab order changed almost everywhere.
- PetriW  - Correct data if different option is now properly saved between sessions.

13-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - AOM now seems to work properly in all kinds of window themes, if you have any theme related crash issues please report them.
+ PetriW  - Added a warning to the welcome dialog about hashing files from CD / DVD.
+ PetriW  - Generic lists now support color!
+ PetriW  - Added support for IP Banned and User Banned messages.
+ PetriW  - If you edit a single mylist entry in generic trees all fields will be filled with the current values.
+ PetriW  - Add/Edit mylist entry now has checkboxes for which fields to edit like all other Add/Edit dialogs.
+ PetriW  - All generic can now Add / Edit several Mylist entries with details in one command, limited to one file per episode.
+ PetriW  - All generic trees can now Remove files from mylist.
+ PetriW  - All generic trees can now Quick add files to mylist, limited to one file per episode.
+ PetriW  - All generic trees now have expand / expand all / collapse / collapse all.
+ PetriW  - All generic trees (animelist, genrelist, grouplist, advancedsearch, animedetailslist, episodedetailslist) can now display properties of parent nodes.
+ PetriW  - AOM will now try to reconnect to the AniDB API within two minutes if the connection is refused.
+ PetriW  - Added support for AniDB API Internal server error message.
+ PetriW  - Added support for AniDB API Down status message.
+ PetriW  - Added tab with a list of all genres.
+ PetriW  - Advanced search results will now display in a tab, allowing you to have multiple searches open at the same time.
+ PetriW  - Added a tab with a list of all groups.
+ PetriW  - Added interactive updates, now you can actually see the nodes as they're added and use the UI even while the application is updating.
+ PetriW  - Added a progressbar for dump updates.
+ PetriW  - Added some basic detection to determine if an anime, episode or file is has been removed but AniDB failed to inform the client.
+ PetriW  - All treeviews can now also show their child nodes.
+ PetriW  - Mylist statistics now display total length and size for each mylist state.
+ PetriW  - Statistics now display total length of AniDB. ;)
+ PetriW  - Mylist can now be sorted. (dub / sub not sortable)
+ PetriW  - Mylist now displays length on anime nodes.
* PetriW  - HotTrack disabled in all generic trees. Color selection on it was... lacking...
* PetriW  - The filemanager will no longer resume if you are disconnect from AniDB with a server error.
* PetriW  - Mylist statistics are now updated a bit less agressively, might sometimes not be 100% correct but it's needed, the statistics are too heavy to calculate atm.
- PetriW  - AOM will no longer infinitelly try to reconnect if it ever times out while connecting. ^^;;
- PetriW  - If an unknown response code is encountered while not authorized the command queue will now be halted.
- PetriW  - All urgent class API commands will now be freed on connect to the API, this should fix the endless reconnect loop that might happen if API goes down while client is connected.
- PetriW  - AOM will no longer connect with an empty queue.
- PetriW  - API command queue will now halt again on unknown internal server errors.
- PetriW  - Duplicate known files are now nuked when they are added, tempfix but at least it works.
- PetriW  - The AniDB connection will no longer crash on welcome or disconnect if the filemanager has crashed.
- PetriW  - The "Use symbols..." setting is now actually checked by the file naming function.
- PetriW  - Fixed a buttload of "weird" bugs caused by bad dumps from AniDB.
- PetriW  - Review average in mylist is now the real review average! ^^;
- PetriW  - The "Use symbols for specialchars" and "Replace spaces with:" checkboxes are now properly checked on load if earlier checked.

28-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - File renamer can now replace special characters with symbol characters allowed by windows. WARNING! This might not work as expected if you don't have good fonts installed!!!
+ PetriW  - Added a "Select most popular files" option in the anime episode/file right click popup.
+ PetriW  - Anime details episode/file list now displays languages, usercount and add date.
+ PetriW  - Mylist now displays file audio and subtitle language.
+ PetriW  - An error causing an exception  when clearing / removing hashing files has been fixed (hi -1).
* PetriW  - The "best" review is now chosen automatically in anime details.
- PetriW  - Mylist now shows vote count properly.
- PetriW  - Show file path now uses system locale for character set conversion.

28-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Subnodes in mylist can now show details for their parent nodes.
+ PetriW  - Lots of small UI changes, AOM will no longer show all information when used in 640x480 (but still work), if you use this resolution I recommend a $100 investment into a decent monitor.
+ PetriW  - Adjusted size of almost all labels to allow for font changes.
* PetriW  - Changed the review display, I think this version will be more popular (although noone complained...). It's a lot faster at least. ;)
- PetriW  - Hash Export no longer loses line breaks and sha1 label is now really called sha1.
- PetriW  - Fixed bitrate calculation for files with streams larger than 512mb.
- PetriW  - Known files now sort using unicode names...
- PetriW  - "Replace spaces with" is no longer disabled. ;)
- PetriW  - Fixed a WindowsXP theme issue.

19-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Upgraded the component suite AOM uses, the application works faster plus should now work better with all kinds of XP themes and whatnot.
+ PetriW  - Reimplemented replace space with in the file renamer.
+ PertiW  - You can now specify how many actions the file manager thread runs per minute and how long it sleeps between runs.
+ PetriW  - File managers can now delete known file entries that have been removed.
+ PetriW  - File managers can now be set to not include subdirectories. However notice that if you for example set file manager 1 to c:\anime with subdirs on, file manager 2 to c:\anime\blah with subdirs off, then all files in c:\anime\blah will be handled by file manager 2 while subdirectories will be handled file manager 1.
+ PetriW  - Known files now show total size of whole selection if multiple entries are selected.
+ PetriW  - Added bold and italics support for reviews, bold and italics overlapping is probably bugged to hell, I hate RichEdits. =/
+ PetriW  - Added a tab in anime pages with reviews, currently this loads horribly slow due to the edit boxes, I'll see if I can do something about it.
+ PetriW  - Empty fields are no longer saved to storage, this should cause a slight speed increase.
+ PetriW  - Field are now only saved to storage if they're actually updated, this should help speed up updating from dumpfiles.
+ PetriW  - Duplicate known files are now marked with a separate color (in orange by default).
+ PetriW  - Added progressbars when starting up.
+ PetriW  - Added index file defragmentation routines, this can help load speed and ram usage significantly.
+ PetriW  - Anime <-> anime relations implemented but not supported in interface.
+ PetriW  - Anime <-> Genre connections reimplemented, should now be possible to search on genres again.
* PetriW  - To increase load speed folder names are no longer verified for known files.
- PetriW  - Fixed an issue where the file mangager would restart for no apparent reason.
- PetriW  - Mylist commands should no longer update invisible but selected entries.
- PetriW  - Files removed from mylist should now be properly removed. You should delete the mylist files in the kowai directory if you have mylist entries that wont disappear.
- PetriW  - Anime detail page now only leaks one gdi object (meh =/).
- PetriW  - Fixed an issue where AOM would misinterpret a certain error message and ask you for new login information.
- PetriW  - Fixed a mylist update crash.
- PetriW  - Known file should now show the correct colors.
- PetriW  - Play, Enqueue & Open now uses the system locale rather than user locale to convert filenames.
- PetriW  - Genres in advanced search is updated immediatelly rather than at restart now.
- PetriW  - Genres in search etc should work again.
- PetriW  - AOM cache should now handle genres being deleted properly.
- PetriW  - "Correct Data if different" is now disabled while no filemanager path is selected.

16-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Keysearch in treeviews now uses a buffer, this means you can write "full" to immediatelly find Full Metal Panic. Cycling by repeating the same buffer has been disabled though.
- PetriW  - Mylist options are now properly disabled on start.
- PetriW  - Special episodes for movies should no longer be mangled by %epart.
- PetriW  - Exporting to file / clipboard should now work for all tags again.
- PetriW  - Restoring from tray should now preserve previous main form location.

16-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
- PetriW  - Client should now be able to say BYE properly when banned/outdated.

16-03-2004 version ALPHA private release
+ PetriW  - AOM can now recognize the error codes for "Creq already present" and "Creq: No changes made".
+ PetriW  - File manager now writes it's current status to the tray icon hint.
+ PetriW  - Added the %lower%, %upper%, %upfirst%, %upwords% file renaming tags.
+ PetriW  - The application can now be minimized to tray, two new options have been added to configure this behaviour (defaults to on).
* PetriW  - Filemanager now "works" twice as fast, aka sleeps half as much.
- PetriW  - Filemanager should no longer run while downloading dump files.
- PetriW  - "Remove file from mylist" in anime tab should now work again.
- PetriW  - Updated client to not fail RMTs from API v30.
- PetriW  - AOM was sending no update creqs, changed creq need detection and added info for mods...

15-03-2004 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added %epart file renaming tag
- PetriW  - Known files should now find selected files A LOT more reliably. If a node is selected ALL subnodes count as selected too.
- PetriW  - Application should no longer crash on start if a local file is missing it's hash data, the local file will be cleared automatically.

15-03-2004 version ALPHA private release
+ PetriW  - File manager now searches for new files when 'Auto hash new files' is marked.
+ PetriW  - Added an "Override Filemanager settings" checkbox for the mylist info in the Add files tab.
* PetriW  - File manager now pauses while the options dialog is visible.
- PetriW  - Hashing page shold now save properly.
- PetriW  - File extensions should no longer be lost if you click ok without viewing the hashing tab in options.
- PetriW  - Several file renamer pattern bugfixes.

15-03-2004 version ALPHA private release
! PetriW  - Local settings are now stored in an XML file, you are welcome to look in it but if you edit it manually please don't post bug reports about stuff not working. The settings module is NOT able to handle errors caused by user editing. ;)
! PetriW  - DB format really changed! ;) These files ain't especially tampering friendly.
! PetriW  - Updated to API version 29.
! PetriW  - Data and settings are now saved in a subfolder. Local (non anidb) data files are prepended with 'local_', if you want to copy your settings from one AOM to another or make backups these are the files you want. The file names should be self explanatory.
+ PetriW  - There is now a default pattern configured if none is present, this pattern is the same as used on the AniDB website except it doesn't replace spaces with _ by default.
+ PetriW  - The file manager thread is now suspended while connected to AniDB. The file manager thread sleeps for 1 second between each action and for 15 minutes when it completes a round.
+ PetriW  - The ed2k links presented throughout the program are now generated using the file manager "Default" settings.
+ PetriW  - If there are multiple file manager paths that match a file the one that matches the best is picked.
+ PetriW  - A file manager has been added to add the ability to configure file related options based on file path.
+ PetriW  - Added local structures for anime relations (currently sequels in AniDB).
+ PetriW  - Added options for directory sensitive file renaming and adding.
+ PetriW  - All mylist and known file colors should now be editable.
* PetriW  - The file renamer will now use crc values from local hashed files if available, otherwise it'll use the anidb values.
* PetriW  - Removed cancel and load default options from settings page, will be reimplemented later.
* PetriW  - Removed several options due to new file manager.
* PetriW  - Ed2k link filenames are now based on the default file renaming patterns.
* PetriW  - File renaming tab has been changed to work with the file manager.
* PetriW  - Clicking a folder in known files will no longer select all subnodes, this has "issues".
* PetriW  - Hashing file extension filter defaults to off.
* PetriW  - Known files should now load slightly faster.
- PetriW  - Hashing file extension filter is now case insensitive
- PetriW  - Groups and anime relations are now checked when finding the oldest diff time.

21-01-2004 version ALPHA private release
! PetriW  - DB format has been changed to add basic protection against tampering.
* PetriW  - Anime type is now a required field.
* PetriW  - AniDB changed the character encoding on strings sent via download, AOM has now changed to follow.

20-01-2004 version ALPHA public release
- PetriW  - Fixed an issue where the local db could go out of sync if AniDB sent information out of order. This has the adverse effect that sometimes some mylist entries might not be displayed until a restart, should be very rare.
- PetriW  - Statistics should now no longer be recounted for every data line received from anidb. ;) 
- PetriW  - Anime and Group votes are now updated after animes to not lose any vote data.

20-01-2004 version ALPHA public release
+ PetriW  - Added mylist statistics. Please notice that AOM calculates % of mylist watched different than AniDB, this is especially noticeable if you have a lot of different versions of the same files.
* PetriW  - All file adding functions should now support non ascii characters... /batch now requires files names to use the SYSTEM locale, this should be the default behaviour anyway.
- PetriW  - Fixed a cache inconsistency in known files.
- PetriW  - File paths should no longer be in the ed2k link given in the log when a file is done hashing.
- PetriW  - The file name in the ed2k shown in the log when a file is done hashing should now use the current filename rather than the original file name.
- PetriW  - File renamer now uses the highest episode number instead of the total episode number to determine number of 0s padded on episode numbers.

16-01-2004 version ALPHA public release

+ PetriW  - There is now an option to work offline under the files menu, while working offline commands are queued so when you disable it the client will connect and do one BIG update instead of connecting many times doing small updates.
+ PetriW  - Files can now be added to and removed from the mylist from the anime details page.
+ PetriW  - Files can now be added to and removed from the mylist via the known files tab.
* PetriW  - All treeviews should now use XP style scrollbars without any weird behaviour.
* PetriW  - Behaviour when the client has been banned has been changed, it will still not try to connect to AniDB but it will now not close automatically.
* PetriW  - AniDB connection now has a timeout of 2 seconds rather than 5 seconds when about to disconnect.
* PetriW  - Mylist should load in about 15% of the time compared to the last release.
* PetriW  - Animes should load in about half the time compared to the last release.
* PetriW  - Local files uses colors again. (albeit ugly and slightly wrong ;) )
* PetriW  - %sha1% added to export patterns.
- PetriW  - Fixed a crash bug when adding root drives to the batch list. This issue may still affect network drives.
- PetriW  - The anime list should now sort properly after an update.

13-01-2004 version ALPHA public release

+ PetriW  - A new log winow has been added.
+ PetriW  - AOM now supports &#xxxxx; html encoded characters for anime titles and synonyms. A thank you to rowaasr13 who made this quick and painless to add. :) AOM does however NOT support converting special characters into these codes yet, it still strictly enforces the ascii character set for add/edit actions.
* PetriW  - Mylist update should now be faster.
* PetriW  - Shell integration changed again, make sure you disable it before upgrading.
- PetriW  - Verify local files on start should work again.
- PetriW  - Files which are a multiple of 9728000 byte should now hash "incorrectly" just the way eMule/eDonkey wants them to.
- PetriW  - Files which were between 9468K and 9500K were not hashed correctly, fixed.
- PetriW  - Application should now not completelly lock up when connecting to AniDB, still handled poorly but at least the UI responds. ;)

24-12-2003 version ALPHA public release

! PetriW  - First 0.3 public release.
+ PetriW  - Cache now updates properly when categories are added or updated.
+ PetriW  - There is now a default file name pattern specified.
* PetriW  - Ed2k link use the current file name pattern, if none is specified it uses the default one.

23-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - Cache now updates properly when groups are added, updated or removed.
+ PetriW  - Upgraded to api 0.28, this should help anime and group updating time.
+ PetriW  - Support added for highdiffs increasing protection against bad syncronization.
- PetriW  - Duplicate creqs should no longer lock up the AniDB command queue.

23-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - AOM will now try to reconnect when the connection times out or fails.
+ PetriW  - AOM will now automatically run a complete update from AniDB every 2 hours.
+ PetriW  - AniDB file data will now be updated from AniDB when a file is changed from AOM.
+ PetriW  - The cache will now be cleared when upgrading to a client with a new api version.
+ PetriW  - Cache now updates properly when anime titles are added, updated or removed. UI might not though but it shouldn't be a problem.
+ PetriW  - Cache now updates properly when genres are added, updated or removed.
+ PetriW  - The cache will now be cleared when upgrading to a client with a new api version.
+ PetriW  - Added support for new authentication method.

17-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - In one case the command queue wasn't restarted after all dumps were downloaded, fixed.

17-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - Anime, episode and file detail tabs are updated when an anime, episode, file that are related to them is updated.
+ PetriW  - Anime detail tabs episode list is now updated when an episode or file is removed from the anime.
+ PetriW  - Invalid tabs in the Anime Browser should close when their anime, episode or file is removed.
+ PetriW  - When animes are removed the Anime List and Advanced Search List should remove the entries for the anime.
+ PetriW  - Cache now updates properly when animes, files and episodes are removed.
+ PetriW  - Mylist now properly updates when entries are removed.
+ PetriW  - Added reset button to search page.
- PetriW  - Double clicking in advanced search should no longer open the selected anime in the anime list.
- PetriW  - 0 file animes are no longer considered complete.

17-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - Added advanced search.
+ PetriW  - When closing a tab in the anime browser tab the previously focused tab will be shown.
- PetriW  - Total progress % should now move properly when resizing.

15-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - AOM will now try to download images for animes.
+ PetriW  - Added support for gif, jpg and png image formats.

15-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - Edit Anime should now work slightly better. ^^;;
- PetriW  - Add episode window is now positioned by windows.

15-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

* PetriW  - Anime list has been revamped, feedback please.
- PetriW  - If you have more than 1 episode in a 1 ep anime (etc) it will now be considered complete.
- PetriW  - Have all available and Complete should no longer clash.
- PetriW  - Partially watched should now filter the mylist properly.
- PetriW  - Mylist should now deselect items when hidden by the filter. (nasty!!)

14-12-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - Added episode editing.
+ PetriW  - The status bar updates on more commands.
* PetriW  - No confirmation box is shown on automatic change requests.
* PetriW  - AOM no longer file change requests for crc checksums missing leading zeros.
- PetriW  - Episodes should update correctly now.
- PetriW  - Current watched count in mylist is now properly updated.
- PetriW  - Fixed a command queue infinite pause.
- PetriW  - Local Files should refresh faster when showing/hiding root folder.

12-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - Hashed files should now stay hashed. ;)

12-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - Animes, Episodes, Files and Mylist entries are now updated correctly when they are updated from AniDB. Remove still not implemented though.
- PetriW  - Remove selected in Local Files now only removes selected items. ;)
- PetriW  - Local Files now show sizes for files and folders and update those sizes in an efficient manner.
- PetriW  - Showing file and episode details should no longer cause an exception if the last focused item isn't the last selected item.

12-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - File renamer now removes invalid characters in filenames

12-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - Episode numbers in file renamer should now be zero padded

12-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

!!!!!!!!! - You should delete your database before upgrading to this version
- PetriW  - MD5 and Sha1 should now work properly for files over ~500mb
+ PetriW  - Automatic file renaming added
+ PetriW  - Settings should now save a bit faster after the first time you save them
+ PetriW  - Automatic change requests added for the following fields: md5, sha1, crc32, video height, video width. It's currently shows a confirmation box before issuing a change request, TRIPPLECHECK ALL VALUES!!!!!!
+ PetriW  - Added episode editing (partial, can't submit to AniDB)
+ PetriW  - Added new right click menu in Mylist
- PetriW  - Anime tab now closes it's open edit forms when closing.
- PetriW  - Add Files -> Mylist Options -> State now defaults to Unknown

08-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

+ PetriW  - The Mylist Options in the Add Files tab now works
- PetriW  - Should no longer be possible to send invalid data in username/password
- PetriW  - The client can now connect again after the 2 second connection timeout
- BennieB - Ed2k hashes were generated incorrectly for files that where (chunk - (filesize mod chunk)) < 32000

07-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

- PetriW  - Anime/Episode/File tabs should no longer generate an access violation when closed

07-11-2003 version ALPHA private release

+         - New major version, changelog is pretty futile but here's a summary:
+ BennieB - New Hasher, should be significantly faster
+ BennieB - Better faster AviInfo, better codec support, better bitrate calculation (still off compared to GSpot)
+ PetriW  - Added unicode support and thus killed Win9x support as it's a pain
+ BennieB &
  PetriW  - AniDB API support