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This pages content is centred around MyList Export development AniDB's GIT. The goals of the GIT are:

  1. Keeping track of all MyList Export templates.
  2. Version control for developers.
  3. Automatic upload procedure to one of AniDB's server.
  4. Automatic update of the export template selection on the MyList export page.

Getting the Source of a Template

If you only want to get the latest version of all files belonging to a particular template, you don't need to install an GIT client. A simpler approach would be to download the files from the GIT repository with your web browser.

To do that go to gitlab and click the download link.

If you want to contribute your own template, you will need to install a git client.

Connecting to GIT - Direct access to public repo

For write access just sign up to the git. If you have further questions feel free to ask in irc:// or irc://


After you have edited, added or even deleted some things you still have to commit your changes. This will write the things to the GIT.

You can commit on a file or dirlevel. Meaning you can commit a big change with multiple files or folders involved or just specific files. To not spam us all into oblivion with GIT mails it's recommended to bundle some commits.

Take also note that you should before editing anything always update your local files with the ones in the GIT.

Adding a new project

There are a few things that needs to get done when adding a new project:

  1. Add a new dir for your project in the export folder (/trunk/export/{your_template})
  2. Name the dir whatever you want, but NO SPACES! and lower case only.
    • The name should contain the appropriate prefix, i.e. html-XXX for an html export template, xml-XXX if the template generates XML output, ...
  3. If you are using images different from the AniDB ones add a /images/ dir below your project (i.e. /trunk/export/{your_template}/images)
    • FIXME: not sure if the current export code actually supports an images directory - Exp 07:49, 28 June 2007 (UTC)
    • You may use subfolders below that one if you want.

In the end you should end up with a structure like this:

 /<your project>
 /<your project>/images

Merging & Hosting

Every template when finished, gets uploaded to one of AniDB's servers and added to the export template page selection in the AniDB MyList export page.