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This is a changelog of AniDB (newest first):


30.01.2009 - v0.1.55


  • [FEAT] Hide episode titles in RSS feed (1354)
  • [FEAT] more _forced_ tabbing (this will stay mandatory!) on the anime page including new data that was before not shown (reviews, recommendations, secret stuff not shown to you lot yet)
  • [FEAT] profile option to hide reviews and recommendations from the tabs
  • [FEAT] categories cloud added to the existing tag cloud (1399)
  • [FEAT] svg graphs for releases of groups over time
  • [FEAT] show file CRC on episode page based on profile setting
  • [FEAT] display external audio stream on file page if there is such a relation
  • [FEAT] separate "View new posts" option with excluded comment threads (1381)
  • [FEAT] MyList Report for anime with unwatched FILES (1344)
  • [MISC] MyList/mod/admin report page rewrite mark 2
  • [MISC] svg anime graphs pimped and not generated on demand anymore (not like generating them on demand was ever useful)
  • [MISC] anime relation page interface rewrite
  • [MISC] userpage and myplace merge
  • [MISC] lots of backend changes which also caused the 2h downtime last night which in the end was just old data in a cache
  • [BUG] preserve thread type when using preview
  • [BUG] Line breaks are parsed twice when viewing PMs (1384)
  • [BUG] Missing episode number and anime title on show=addeptitle pages (1364)
  • [BUG] Error when trying to view "more" Fav. Reviewers (1343)
  • [NOBUG] User list (and possibly other lists) do not work past page 1000 (1359)


  • [FEAT] More functionalities for Anime page tabs
  • [FEAT] Improved the JS sorting function to make it faster and more resistant to strange *new* tables (related to the secret feature)
  • [FEAT] some improvements for "add file relation" page (incomplete, but current changes help, 1397)
  • [BUG/FEAT] Group file completion tooltips only work on groups not shown at default with Ajax/JS enabled (1372)
  • [BUG/FEAT] Optional pop-up for notifications link (1348)
  • [BUG] Fixed the js sorting used on MyList
  • [BUG] deprecated/invalid files no longer have red background in Ajax mode (1370)
  • [BUG] Ajaxified anime page lost "inmylist" indication on group status bars (1389)
  • [BUG] Profile JavaScript tab - cannot unchecking check boxes does not get saved (1371)
  • [BUG] wrong ed2k links on .swf files (1380)

Signature Server

  • [BUG] Fixed the latest watched / latest files values being reversed. (A bug in the data feed, not in the sig server itself.)


07.12.2008 - v0.1.54


  • [FEAT] Ajax functionality for calendar [1160]
  • [FEAT] JS checkboxes range selection [1258]
  • [FEAT] Set default sources for added based on anime type [1325]
  • [FEAT] Make tags page columns sortable [1308]
  • [FEAT] File order is not by size anymore since AniDB Update - v0.1.46 [839]
  • [FEAT] User selectable columns for animePage file table
  • [FEAT] Option to show anime information in MyList (please use sparsely or you might get banned)
  • [BUG] Don't throw users to MyList when using the actions drop down in the my tab [1303]
  • [BUG] watched count updates incorrectly when removing files from MyList with Ajax [1312]
  • [BUG] Ajax anime page scripts didn't fire when called by certain pages [1275,1276]
  • [BUG] Sweat drop icon shown as smilie [1328]
  • [BUG] Files with episode relations to episode of another anime [885]


  • [FEAT] MyList filters to handle the blacklist differently from other wishlist entries.
  • [MISC] Minor text rewrites.
  • [MISC] Rewrite of personal notification feeds. [1318]
  • [MISC] Minor markup fixes
  • [BUG] 'back to anime' link for review comments links to the wrong anime (post59971 & [1340])
  • [BUG] API key length limitation is inconstant with Avdump. New minimum length is 4 characters. [885]
  • [BUG] Notification type did not appear in wishlist on hover.
  • [BUG] -> on Super Gals episode titles. [1326]
  • [BUG] MyList airing filter [1294]
  • [BUG] Profile page giving "notices" it should not [1305]
  • [BUG] Some forums have a negative number of replies [1309]
  • [BUG] Trying to access the favourite reviewer page of another user (or yourself if the URL features the uid parameter) will throw an error [1343]
  • [BUG] don't show "request removal" and "undelete post" buttons in the revision overview.
  • [BUG] don't allow user to restore their deleted post if a mod deleted it.
  • [BUG] Preview being borked for new threads. Would create a new thread instead of showing the preview.
  • [BUG] Wrong uid being used when filtering MyList of another user by wishlist or vote.


11.10.2008 - v0.1.53


  • [FEAT] AJAX tag, group and producer search (related to 1171)
  • [BUG] Ajax watched button (1152)
  • [BUG] generic file don't show when using Ajax (1245)


  • [FEAT] AniDB self-coded forum software (AniPerlBB if you want, heavily inspired by phpBB as you soon will notice. all the code is self-written though and some parts are even improved/more advanced than the original)
  • [FEAT] 3 new CSS Styles "AniGoogle", "AniBlackle" and "AniTube" (now guess where the inspiration for those came from )
  • [FEAT] "mark all files watched" function on anime page (1201)
  • [FEAT] Remove feature for ED2K Dump (1221)
  • [FEAT] MyList report - Anime seen and not tagged (1224)
  • [FEAT] Ignore disapproved tags when searching (1231)
  • [FEAT] RSS feed for news (1237)
  • [FEAT] tabbing added to various part (for example myplace, schedule, etc.)
  • [FEAT] tag revoke function
  • [FEAT] tag spoiler hiding function added to voting page
  • [FEAT] added a credit page (mainly just to let our sorry souls rest in peace for taking stuff without saying thanks)
  • [FEAT] added an alternative mainpage for guests (explaining who we are and what we want to do + better login/registration visibility)
  • [FEAT] Profile option to show file source instead of personal set source in MyList
  • [FEAT] show (un)censored state in MyList (1239)
  • [FEAT] myplace now shows when the stats were last updated
  • [FEAT] added a "select all" checkbox to the mynotifies history page (1273)
  • [MISC] reviewers will from now on receive their notification about a new comment for their review via pm and not via notification anymore
  • [MISC] explicit profile option to hide user avatars
  • [MISC] removed ed2k hash from MyList
  • [MISC] couple optimisations for some slow sql statements
  • [MISC] removed the what is AniDB stuff as that's covered by the logged out main page view
  • [MISC] cookie and remember password checkbox ticked by default in login mask
  • [MISC] better markup and layout for send and show messages (pm)
  • [MISC] added an explicit option to use languages to filter groups and files on the anime page
  • [MISC] Typo on anime page. up to -> up through (1271)
  • [MISC] markup and layout changes on MyList export
  • [BUG] Borked table headings for extreme votes list (Mod only)
  • [BUG] Permissions for userpage's sub page "Latest" didn't take correct permissions into account (1255)
  • [BUG] fixed a very evil tag vote bug
  • [BUG] Missing icon for "Music Video" anime type in MyList (1259)


  • [FEAT] The !mystats command now shows when it was last updated (303)
  • [FEAT] The !stats command now shows the total number of reviews (309)
  • [MISC] Some minor changes here and there

MyList Exports

  • [FEAT] Update to SDK version 0.13.3 (changelog)
  • [FEAT] MyList export counter separately for every MyList template (1254)
  • [MISC] Some internal changes

02.08.2008 v0.1.52


  • [FEAT] adding titles of the same language on the massep page (1191)
  • [FEAT] New JavaScript tab on the profile, unified place to set JavaScript related preferences (Ajax pages related) also has the gift of working for IE
  • [FEAT] Episode page is now Ajaxfied (related to [1106])
  • [BUG] Group-info missing in XML for MyList (1121)
  • [BUG] When using Ajax, the "Group List" on the anime page has incorrect and inconsistent behavior for the Cmts field (1196)
  • [BUG] Option to disable rich text editor (1200)
  • [BUG] Can't have custom ed2k link for joint files within a group-anime (1144)
  • [BUG] MyList JavaScript crap itself with long MyList (1222)
  • [BUG] performing "update selected files" in MyList resets filter state (1199)
  • [BUG] performing "update selected files" in MyList redirects to beginning of MyList (1118)
  • [BUG] group files dont expand on first try for certain anime/group combination (1220)
  • [BUG] Sorting of columns on episode page will freeze your explorer (1106)
  • [BUG] The "Group Status" list on the "Anime page" is not filtered by Subtitle and Audio Language preferences when using Ajax (1195)
  • [BUG] State of episode Watched icon in episode list does not change as expected (1148)
  • [BUG] Several JavaScript fixes to improve compatibility with IE (still unsupported, just a bit better now)
  • [BUG] Re-added the tooltips for wishlist releases


  • [FEAT] New Applet client for adding files to your MyList.
  • [FEAT] Add animecomments entry to MyDbEntries (1215)
  • [MISC] Revision of MyList compare, should work much better now
  • [BUG] MyList compare: empty rows that should be hidden are still shown
  • [BUG] jumpbar shown twice at the bottom for Agcmts in MyDbEntries (1216)
  • [BUG] Mod feature: a verify link on the mass-add-episode page (897)
  • [BUG] Episode range verification for episode titles (997)
  • [BUG] wrong default state when seemyliststate permission is not set (would only display stuff in MyList)

23.07.2008 v0.1.51a


  • [BUG] MyList entries do not expand if URL doesn't have "&uid=xxxx" part after last update (1197)
  • [BUG] can't edit MyList entry when going to MyList by "MyList info" link in animepage (1198)
  • [BUG] Unknown anime title for some ed2k links (1189)
  • [BUG] Generic Type won't show up when using Ajax (1208)


  • [MISC] File link colour consistent across commands
  • [MISC] Less verbose file output for non !(my)?file commands
  • [BUG] !myfile output same as !file (ed2k link was omitted from !myfile)


  • [BUG] Q&D try to make the banning system a bit more lenient


  • [BUG] "see my porn" permission incorrectly implemented in MyList compare
  • [BUG] wrong uid used in MyList compare for votes and review options (for "me" and "him" it was always "me")
  • [BUG] missing exclamation mark in MyList for watched entries you haven't voted for (1188)
  • [BUG] MyList Compare: Other vote not displayed (1211)
  • [BUG] Changing filters may show "No result" (paging issue) (1210)
  • [BUG] Guest Password Access - cannot search MyList (1202)

11.07.2008 v0.1.51

  • [FEAT] allow for advanced user to moderate tags
  • [FEAT] Tabs on schedule page
  • [FEAT] Hide completed anime in MyList when doing MyList compare (1175)
  • [FEAT] Filter adult content from public MyList (1177)
  • [FEAT] language report for Ukrainian minimods (1178)
  • [MISC] changed size of tags to be based on product of approval and count instead of just count alone (should eliminate some wide spread low rated tags from the big tagcloud)
  • [BUG] various pages missing the guesspassword parameter (1184)
  • [BUG] logged out user can access the wishlist of user 0 (1184)
  • [BUG] leading/trailing whitespaces aren't stripped from tags (1172)
  • [BUG] fixed jumpbar in MyList compare
  • [BUG] fixed missing page and character parameter for MyList compare, MyList and wishlist when using the filter
  • [BUG] tagclouds made case insensitive for sort order (1174)
  • [BUG] Filter settings in Anime Calendar are not kept during navigation (1187)
  • [BUG] Notification link on anime page has $aid instead of actual aid number in anchor (1192)
  • [BUG] Anime disappear from MyList in the interface, when episodes are marked watched from there. (1186)

01.06.2008 v0.1.50

  • [FEAT] tabs for wishlist. needs a tab-aware CSS
  • [FEAT] add option to show/hide image on anime page, not only for hentai (1158)
  • [FEAT] Review Comment/Rating Notification (188) (you are getting those automatically if you wrote a review at some point. nothing to enable or disable them atm}})
  • [FEAT] revamp of wishlist with filter and stuff
  • [FEAT] Verified indication for official titles at anime page (733)
  • [FEAT] Option to change notification priority on anime page (1078)
  • [FEAT] JavaScript less profile page (1155)
  • [FEAT] hentai filter for MyList compare (671)
  • [FEAT] Search for only anime with 'completed/finished' status (870)
  • [FEAT] different and more customizable filter for MyList compare + new menu (same one as for MyList)
  • [FEAT] Additional MyList filters (75)
  • [FEAT] complete revamp of the MyList filters
  • [FEAT] Generic File Type - Streaming added (1101)
  • [FEAT] Profile option: Hide joints in group lists by default (1020)
  • [FEAT] Add notify and wishlist field to anime calendar entries (363)
  • [FEAT] Filters for 'Latest anime': hentai and type (tv/ova/movie/..) (427)
  • [FEAT] "Hide state" option in MyList (787)
  • [FEAT] MyList: hide "all i have" watched option added (505)
  • [FEAT] rewrite of the tag system (should be useful now - includes 2 profile option to hide them totally and to show spoiler related tags)
  • [FEAT] turned "hide raws" profile option into "hide audio only"
  • [FEAT] New way to handle language settings in profile, you can now select as many as you like.
  • [FEAT] Changed the way massep works for AJAX enabled users, report bugs to fahrenheit
  • [FEAT] SigServer officially released (v Simple interface (Wizard) available (803)
  • [FEAT] Display signature on userpage (835)
  • [MISC] ability to change wishlist and notification type and priority without reload
  • [MISC] antileech admin: turned the pre into actual table columns and rows (fixes an ugly CSS issue in sub-silver; also actually aligns all columns below each other as intended)
  • [MISC] clickable thumbnails on schedule & calendar (1134)
  • [MISC] show Full Text Search info when normal search fails (879)
  • [MISC] Anime-group page: Anime name is not displayed when it's no group.(1071)
  • [MISC] changed the anime js tab option to apply for profile too (related to 1155)
  • [MISC] admin userinfo misplaced error message fixed
  • [BUG] tooltip in anime relations graph shows shortened anime name (1141)
  • [BUG] unintended languages in group status box (1095)
  • [BUG] MyList missing guest password parameter for MyList compare (890)
  • [BUG] "animegroup pages of virtual groups don't show all MyList icons" (1117)
  • [BUG] weird behavior of "show/hide whatched" filter in MyList concerning multi part movies (1138)
  • [BUG] can't delete system messages by using checkboxes (1114)
  • [BUG] double escaped strings (1054)
  • [BUG] Enter in edit box of wishlist to submit form (467)

01.05.2008 v0.1.49c

  • [FEAT] make "files for group" page respect custom ed2k naming scheme [1109]
  • [MISC] changed comments to match phpbb style, various minor features around this change added (don't forget to refresh your css)
  • [BUG] fixed search for Internet Explorer (IE SUX!!!!!! *cough*) [1130]
  • A high dose of JavaScript fixes for JavaScripts were also applied, check the tracker for more information.

18.04.2008 v0.1.49b

  • [FEAT] Anime page AJAX scripts got bumped to version 2.0, while this might not say much to you all it says much to me and helps me a lot in maintaining the scripts.
  • [FEAT] MyList page now has partial support for AJAX operations: anime expanding/folding, hide/showing files (note MyList filters are not a part of this Ajaxification).
  • [FEAT] Both the anime and MyList pages while in AJAX mode have a new feature "Page preferences", look for it in the bottom link list in the anime page and in the MyList menu under the MyList page. Remember, these settings are cookie based and are not part of the profile settings (thus are not persistent), abuse the wiki links for help on setting stuff. [355]
  • [FEAT] Added JavaScript formatting to comment pages and reviews. [433]
  • [FEAT] Changing MyList watched state and add to/remove from MyList is now done in Ajax where that option is available (only for the icons in the action column of each file row).
  • [FEAT] JavaScript editor for messages, comments and reviews now uses AniDB css styles.
  • [FIX] group search on "Files for group" page doesn't work. [1033,1082]
  • [FIX] Search button in "addaproducer" pages always returns the same list. [1066]
  • [FIX] Ajax page CRC feature. [988]
  • [FIX] Ajax Page File IDs. [1013]
  • [FIX] Ajax anime page does not colour even/odd rows. [1019]
  • [FIX] Ajax anime page merges file data for episodes which were expanded once. [1089]
  • [FIX] When deleting a PM: do not hide the message 1 second after. [1064]
  • [FIX] My Messages not displaying type (and thus not being able to sort by type).

08.04.2008 v0.1.49

  • [FEAT] allow for categories to be searched by weight (with profile option for full spectrum of weight) - the CSS for this is still in a flux
  • [FEAT] Minimod report: missing "external-sub-for" relations for subtitle files [730]
  • [FEAT] mod report for archive files without type "other" [970]
  • [FEAT] MyList report: Anime you watched with less than 3 reviews [1053]
  • [FEAT] "More mod reports for language things" [937]
  • [FEAT] password input box added when user has a) set a password b) enabled password permissions for this page
  • [FEAT] Hide raw files on anime page, should hide the raw-groups too [244]
  • [FEAT] made schedule respect the split vote profile option as well
  • [FEAT] clearer and cleaner structure of the permissions (IMHO, but ah well)
  • [MISC] show the icons in the userbar (comments/buddylist) if the user has a) a guestpassword set and b) permissions for this page enabled by guest password
  • [MISC] MyList report: Files with censorship in MyList (uncensored file available) - Improvement [709]
  • [MISC] ASCII art to icons for category weight
  • [BUG] Music videos handled wrong in search & relations [907]
  • [BUG] fix for the no category MyList report to only consider fully watched anime
  • [BUG] 2 MyList reports (missing episodes for anime) weren't considering file-ep relations [887]
  • [BUG] missing '!' in MyList when you haven't voted
  • [BUG] typo: Prefered Categories -> Preferred Categories on userpage [1067]
  • [BUG] broken html in message history [1065]
  • [BUG] permission bug if permissions were set wrong
  • [BUG] MyList row/column mismatch [1028]

(older stuff left out)

  • [FEAT] better visualization of a mod's pm [482]
  • [FEAT] content on group/companyentry pages sortable like user wants [443]
  • [FEAT] manual configurable Filter Options for Episode-Filelists [436]

05.04.2008 v0.1.48e

  • [FEAT] anchors for comments and news
  • [FEAT] newsarchive
  • [MISC] comments: list sorted by name instead of id
  • [MISC] Buddylist: cute icons instead of ugly text (permissioncode is still buggy)
  • [MISC] comments: disabled the mail icon when it's me myself in iconbar. sending a mail to myself is kinda silly
  • [MISC] misfeature removed in animelist: instead of only displaying significant (>=100 votes) ratings when sorting by rating, display them first but include other ratings with >=10 votes after
  • [BUG] fix for pagination anchor problem (was missing the &page= argument in the url)

29.03.2008 v0.1.48d

  • [FEAT] nick change function added to userinfo - username history implemented - stars with the username history link added to various public places (can only be changed via a PM to a mod)
  • [FEAT] wiki links for categories @ mass-add and show (974)
  • [FEAT] Extend "Hide titles of unwatched episodes" to MyList (1021)
  • [FEAT] Add "write a review" to contributions tab (1031)
  • [BUG] Add revoke link to "My" tab votes (1030)
  • [BUG] Select all checkbox not working on notifies page (960)
  • [BUG] Password is limited to 8 chars, yet it's not mentioned anywhere (1041)
  • [BUG] Search using criteria for tmp. votes and/or tmp. rating doesn't work (1040)
  • [BUG] Relation graphs are incorrect for several anime (1036)
  • [BUG] other minor bug fixes

16.03.2008 v0.1.48c

  • [FEAT] prev/next link @ addeptitle
  • [FEAT] profile option for splitting of the votes/ranking column
  • [FEAT] user comments for news
  • [MISC] animelist: merged tmp and perm vote column; perm vote is shown when a series is over. otherwise tmp vote is
  • [MISC] animelist: layout changes
  • [MISC] vote drop-down on ag & ep page -> radio buttons
  • [BUG] Typos and grammatical errors on the add review page (1012)
  • [BUG] clicking on "Comment for this release" does the same thing as clicking on the number in Cmts column (1010)
  • [BUG] re-fix language setting profile bug
  • [BUG] profile permission bug (couldn't deselect every option) (1024)
  • [BUG] "adding new awards doesn't add anything"

12.03.2008 v0.1.48b

  • [FEAT] thumbnails for schedule (with profile option to disable it)
  • [BUG] typo fix for sigserver<->AniDB permissions handling (1006)
  • [BUG] fixed animeadd/edit form (missing title field)
  • [BUG] fix myvotes nav links
  • [BUG] pressing 'Delete' on show message page opens a new message page instead (1009)

09.03.2008 v0.1.48

  • [FEAT] Retrieve anime/groups by language (989)
  • [FEAT] A selective deletion of private messages (725)
  • [FEAT] Notification history - replace clear links with checkboxes (973)
  • [FEAT] Next and previous episode link in episode page (814)
  • [FEAT] make categories with 'adult only' flag set to only show up for anime that's 18 restricted (896)
  • [FEAT] An "all languages" button on episode page (993)
  • [BUG] The Undump column also count subtitle files... (991)
  • [BUG] Missing audio flags on ed2k dump page (990)
  • [BUG] Typo on group page: "Now know as" -> "Now known as" (996)
  • [BUG] Typo: 'Lameness' -> 'Date' (985)
  • [BUG] genren: don't link main categories with adv. search (906)
  • [BUG] Make header links function consistently (976)
  • [BUG] Hover tooltips do not show up properly on group bars (972)
  • [BUG] Can't list files with no group anymore (971)
  • [BUG] Page title is not always the same on ed2k dump (963)
  • [BUG] Language flags are now missing on any file page (961)
  • [BUG] Non-logged in users able to view add review form (983)
  • [BUG] Latest reviews: links to reviews on pages > 1 do not work (982)
  • [BUG] HTML layout for class=block and class=info is inconsistent (929)
  • [BUG] Ep count in filecache is wrong (968)
  • [BUG] No "delete" buttons available for video/audio stream when you try to edit file with type "subtitle file" (359)

25.02.2008 v0.1.47b

  • [FEAT] Quickvote: Anime titles are not links (957)
  • [FEAT] Add a link to quickvote in myvotes (953)
  • [FEAT] MyList search, only preferred title (and fallback on main)
  • [FEAT] Added rating and votes @ producer page
  • [BUG] hide incomplete also hide complete titles (931)
  • [BUG] Typofix: Exlude -> Exclude (954)
  • [BUG] no file state icons in MyList (924)
  • [BUG] massf subtitles bug (949)
  • [BUG] Wrong relation text on Producer Page when more than one relation to a anime (935)
  • [MISC] Quickvote table does not use alternating colours (955)
  • [MISC] filetype "other" shouldn't hide audio and video by default (365)
  • [MISC] Anime page seen tooltip (908)
  • [MISC] Better support for iconless styles
  • [MISC] New date markup (format should be configurable at some point)
  • [MISC] More compact file page, related tracks added @ file history
  • [MISC] Various cleaning, minor markup changes
  • [CSS] Anime type icons missing due to CSS class chaning? (958)

16.02.2008 v0.1.47

  • [FEAT] tabs for anime page (anime, edit anime, history, discussion, reviews - CSS needs styling first before those show up)
  • [FEAT] broke the info box on the anime page into multiple js tabs (enabled via profile and needs CSS styling to work)
  • [FEAT] lots of stuff foldable (try clicking on "info" on the anime page - needs css changes)
  • [FEAT] discussion page per anime added (pseudo 1 thread forum)
  • [FEAT] release and review comments pimped up (icons, paging, votes and shit)
  • [FEAT] Ajax version of the anime page (profile option to enable)
  • [FEAT] avmf stats on myplace (831)
  • [FEAT] show undumped count on grouppage (831)
  • [FEAT] avmf page opened up for anyone
  • [FEAT] dynamic (js) sorting of producer, episode, anime, group page
  • [FEAT] multisortable tableheader
  • [FEAT] anime schedule page
  • [FEAT] quickvote page to allow (re)setting multiple anime votes at once (you have to have stuff in your MyList set watched of course)
  • [FEAT] option to hide eptb on filemode in MyList
  • [FEAT] random anime link in the navibar (346)
  • [FEAT] allow excluding of categories @ search
  • [FEAT] paging for reviews
  • [FEAT] MyList info in MyNotifies table (782)
  • [FEAT] show commentcount on grouppage (inclusive link of course)
  • [FEAT] Advanced Search - NOT genre functionality (715)
  • [MISC] only allow us ASCII in AniDB password aside of '` and \
  • [MISC] reviewvotes replaced by an approval percentage between 1-100 (internal mechanism of those votes changed as well)
  • [MISC] js tabbing added to profile page (needs css changes)
  • [MISC] can now send a new message and delete a message from the message list without doing a page load
  • [MISC] split votes and rating in animelist
  • [MISC] filter on grouplist added (hide groupjoints)
  • [MISC] hint bar for guests to remind to sign up
  • [MISC] only show related stream creqs for edit file requests (i.e. not comments)
  • [MISC] allow more than 1 relation to be set between the same files (366)
  • [MISC] remove some fields from non-video type of files (603)
  • [MISC] "Add a visual verification code for sign up to prevent bots" (682)
  • [MISC] "delete all your pm" button removed (737) (will be readded with a confirmation page later)
  • [MISC] IRC link in the navibar (868)
  • [MISC] "Display Avdumped files differently on MyDbEntries" (812)
  • [MISC] tons of markup changes
  • [BUG] massfile add in one transaction (fix rare autocreq issue)
  • [BUG] groupstats not added for new groups
  • [BUG] made simple fileadd mode compatible with IE
  • [BUG] "The search button in the buddies list page uses anime search" (871)
  • [BUG] past DB change requests with unknown type/wrong link (864/799)
  • [BUG] "Can not edit Anime Producers due to a bug in the search box" (843)
  • [BUG] MyList entry change = back to MyList 1st page (876)
  • [CSS] Main/front page sidebar lists (Latest Additions, Anime Calendar, etc.) layout badly in IE (766)
  • [CSS] Release Info pop-up looks bad (loses some site styles) (757)


08.12.2007 v0.1.46

  • [FEAT] new layout of the file table on anime pages
  • [FEAT] optional use of showcrc=1 in the url to enable the display of the CRC column for files
  • [FEAT] re adding group info box on anime page for guests
  • [FEAT] help links get redirected to the wiki (some pages might need fixing and/or redirecting)
  • [FEAT] file notifications -> anime page and clear notifications for that anime (!N)
  • [FEAT] add Anime Producer search box with Ajax support. [800]
  • [FEAT] added js sorting for the Released Anime Table in the groups page [801]
  • [FEAT] show anime type icon on MyList
  • [FEAT] obscure feature of AniDB, the SigServer in beta stage added
  • [FEAT/FIX] more Chii additions and fixes
  • [FIX] some minor bug fixes and typos [830]
  • [FIX] search box in userpage searches the userlist instead of the anime list
  • [FIX] several anime3 fixes (consistent with anime)
  • [FIX] several fixes in the supporting JavaScripts (fileadd)
  • [FIX] fixed "edit my review" link at the bottom of the anime reviews page

11.11.2007 v0.1.45

  • [FEAT] upto ep @ generic MyList add
  • [FEAT] file table layout change
  • [FEAT] Mass add to MyList
  • [FIX] Some other fixes
  • [FIX] Header/Footer gone in creqing files [793]
  • [FIX] DVD icon doesn't show up when an episode is added as Generic File DVD [781]
  • [FIX] remove the generic state 'filler ep' [616]
  • [FIX] states for certain types of generics [615]
  • [FIX] fixed myanimelist imports
  • [FIX] fixed stats calculation
  • [FIX] more sensible pending file creqs handlage
  • [FIX] fixes in my notifies and add file pages
  • [FIX] several Chii fixes
  • [FIX] mass file page fixes (censored flag, CRC status for no group, added rel date)
  • [FIX] some latest changes
  • [FIX] Up2Date ed2k icon link is blank [778]

31.10.2007 v0.1.44

  • [FEAT] file mass edit for mods
  • [FEAT] hide anime i have in wishlist (when listing anime) [670]
  • [FEAT] Icon for episode comments [314]
  • [BUG] Ed2k icon without ed2k hash [786]
  • [BUG] fix watched filter in MyList
  • [BUG] couple udp api fixes

16.10.2007 v0.1.43

  • [FEAT] added the airdate of the anime in myvotes; some cleaning at myrecs
  • [BUG] up2date page has ed2k links with ill-formed hash [780]
  • [BUG] lots of small bugfixes (like division by zero)

08.10.2007 v0.1.42

  • [FEAT] user filter @ latest
  • [FEAT] latest files link @ anime page
  • [FEAT] option to view generic episode titles for incomplete series/spoiler prevention [764]
  • [FEAT] display latest recommendations on latest db entries page
  • [MISC] on-the-fly animegroup state change
  • [MISC] fix stats for virtual groups - don't count files where CRC does not match official one
  • [BUG] Userdata History [759]
  • [BUG] Compare Lists - Alphabetical Filtering does Nothing [770]
  • [BUG] using filters in MyList and prev/next behavior [414]
  • [BUG] My List Filtering - page= param carried over when it shouldn't be [769]
  • [BUG] Anime List cannot return to listing "all" [769]

16.09.2007 v0.1.41

  • [FEAT] made MyList use file episode relations
  • [FEAT] made animegrouplist use file episode relations
  • [FEAT] display avatar image for reviews and animegroup comments
  • [FEAT] very early implementation of recommendations page
  • [FEAT] New MyList report, anime which the user as voted (permanently) for but not watched
  • [MISC] allow multiple anime group comments per user
  • [MISC] recommend full text search if anime search produced no results.
  • [BUG] Problem with the episode view count [742]
  • [BUG] fix to remove some html bits in pm
  • [BUG] fix for the hidden "hide synonyms link" in animelist

09.09.2007 v0.1.40

  • [FEAT] added categories and language to search
  • [FEAT] show h filter in animelist
  • [FEAT] mark MyList state in animelist
  • [FEAT] partial shadow files (TM) display part added
  • [MISC] update animegroupstate on the fly
  • [MISC] restrict censored flag
  • [BUG] show del link for hard subs even if verified
  • [BUG] Can't edit group relations, but I can delete them ({{t|729})
  • [BUG] lots of other minor things

09.09.2007 v0.1.39

  • [FEAT] new image size checking code on upload and on userpage
  • [FEAT] a first version of the full text search
  • [BUG] a fix for pie graphs on the userpage
  • [BUG] some regexp fixes

05.08.2007 v0.1.38

  • [FEAT] language filter in ep expand
  • [FEAT] more info on latest files
  • [FEAT] less features when you are not logged in
  • [FEAT] tag and animetag page in my db entries added
  • [FEAT] tags searchable
  • [FEAT] first version of MyList import feature
  • [FEAT] more group relations
  • [FEAT] grouprelatiosn creqable
  • [FEAT] groupjoint rels count to maingroup
  • [FEAT] container format icon added
  • [MISC] show categories instead of genre in various places
  • [MISC] removed forced popup behaviour in several places
  • [MISC] made profile more compact
  • [MISC] group rating based on anime-group ratings
  • [MISC] lots of Chii[AR] changes and additions (irc related)
  • [BUG] fix ep myvote at animevote graph
  • [BUG] fix anime rel bug (698)
  • [BUG] fix hide file info (697)
  • [BUG] fix hide complete (699)
  • [BUG] never filter generics or files in MyList

07.07.2007 v0.1.37

  • [FEAT] language filter for group info box (language is set in your profile)
  • [FEAT] possibility to delete messages in outbox separatly (247)
  • [FEAT] vote history
  • [FEAT] Temp votes for MyList compare (667)
  • [FEAT] restricted filter (pron filter) for MyList
  • [FEAT] type filter for MyList
  • [FEAT] feature for showing news headlines in the side bar
  • [FEAT] User that requests a buddy add gets a msg telling him that the request was accepted/denied.
  • [FEAT] added temp rating and review rating to all wishlist entries
  • [FEAT] added release info to toget wishlist entries
  • [FEAT] wishlist Ajaxfied (dynamically sortable)
  • [FEAT] "completion" bar in animegroupbox
  • [FEAT] new way of storing search history, will allow special handling of common typos and misspellings in titles
  • [FEAT] group notifications added
  • [FEAT] priority for notifications
  • [FEAT] formatting options for message page
  • [MISC] allow priority filter for rdf feeds
  • [MISC] moved some links to top for better visibility
  • [MISC] added action icons for animegroups
  • [MISC] userstats calculation changes
  • [MISC] MyList-Compare: blank lines
  • [BUG] anime-group vote *[rate it] doesn't change to the number I rated on (137)
  • [BUG] Broken link in the MyList info box on any anime page with default lang not Romaji (partly) (022)
  • [BUG] fixed mass-editing of categories
  • [BUG] fixed creation of phantom eps when using mass-edit
  • [BUG] fixed "access denied" problems when trying to delete anime relations

09.06.2007 v0.1.36

  • [FEAT] Allow users to link their MyList to another account (they will see the other persons MyList as if it were their own) (no editing ATM)
  • [FEAT] It's now possible to show just the files for a given group on the Anime page.
  • [FEAT] Ajaxfied group search, added simple/full view and made possible the adding of multiple streams on the fileadd page (358,357,243,649)
  • [FEAT] New way of handling css stylesheets on the profile page
  • [FEAT] anime relations creqable
  • [FEAT] added generic video codec icon to the filestable (287)
  • [FEAT] MyList report: deleted&unwatched files (641)
  • [FEAT] MyList report: Show H-Anime where uncensored version is avaible but you only have a censored version in MyList (646)
  • [FEAT] allow anime calendar to be ordered by air or by end date
  • [FEAT] Added ability to add one optional Official Title during anime add and the possibility to set the +18 category from the same page.
  • [FEAT] profile option 'hide synonyms by default in anime lists'
  • [MISC] Lots of markup fixing
  • [MISC] internal changes regarding the generation of stats
  • [MISC] rename "on cd" to "archived" or something similar (454)
  • [MISC] Adding some more checks to file-relations (634)
  • [MISC] creq assign drop-down->textfield
  • [BUG] ed2kdump used to show filename from file page, now shows filename supplied by user *[654]
  • [BUG] MyList does not consistently respect language preference *[631]
  • [BUG] MyList compare doesn't show the others full list *[123]
  • [BUG] allow vote/review when year lies in past even if month/day is unknown
  • [BUG] fix: "ERROR: while sending animeeq notify to 70988: 5 - ERROR: title too long!"
  • [REM] Expand All (mis)feature of the Anime Page

13.05.2007 v0.1.35

  • [FEAT] CRC value on mouse over 'valid CRC' icon (643)
  • [FEAT] verified anime und episodes titles & animerelations additions for my db entries (623)
  • [FEAT] MyList report (stuff you saw and voted for per animeproductionyear (a bit hacky))
  • [MISC] cronjob to change unknown to specials only (592)
  • [MISC] added Icelandic language
  • [MISC] added links to the creq guideline at various places
  • [BUG] massepadd/edit - creates empty English titles when using the "new" button (650)
  • [BUG] language selection problem in massfileadd (651)
  • [BUG] Attempt to fix annoying problems with new fields / fields we never want on edit forms and obsolete fields getting updated to "".
  • [BUG] couple more minor fixes for things from the last update

04.05.2007 v0.1.34

  • [FEAT] TTH hash added *[234,441]
  • [FEAT] various new minimod reports
  • [FEAT] made related entry on creq history clickable for some cases
  • [MISC] Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional added to the list of languages
  • [MISC] HDTV, Blu-Ray, HDDVD added to the sourcelist *[636]
  • [MISC] internal changes to the language system
  • [MISC] default css was replaced with a rewritten version (sub:grey)
  • [MISC] major update to the way caches are invalidated
  • [MISC] show title owner for verifiers
  • [MISC] filesize limit changed from 2gb -> 10gb *[407]
  • [MISC] Grouppage shows all files again
  • [MISC] updated animeplanet link format
  • [MISC] change to the internal storage of hashes
  • [BUG] fixed menu link for minimods
  • [BUG] fixed the synonym part of chii's !anime trigger

14.04.2007 v0.1.33

  • [FEAT] Staff Page added
  • [FEAT] various more mod reports and a few more MyList ones
  • [FEAT] grouppage: last file is now last normal file
  • [FEAT] creqmod filter
  • [FEAT] creqable aproducers
  • [FEAT] reviewpage and compare MyList markup changes to allow css
  • [FEAT] languages in the grouppage
  • [FEAT] Overview for animegroup files (click on the released ep number in the groupinfo bit on the anime page)
  • [FEAT] official page is now a link in the resource column preventing too long links
  • [FEAT] some mod/minimod only stuff
  • [FEAT] Serbian and Croatian language added
  • [FEAT] User can now access the history page for entries
  • [BUG] clicking 'more' on user pages will link you to adding a new user to your own list (617)
  • [BUG] When a user does not allow you to see his userpage, provide a link to his reviews (620)
  • [BUG] recent review votes have a feedback link, anime-specific votes do not (merged) (621)
  • [BUG] various minor things

18.03.2007 v0.1.32

  • [FEAT] new userpage (located below myplace)
  • [FEAT] new modreport sections for minimods
  • [FEAT] Estonian and Ukrainian language/flag
  • [FEAT] couple more MyList reports
  • [BUG] fixes for the unknown, other, instrumental and Japanese transcription language to make them RFC conform CSS Example
  • [BUG] bugfix for not being able to sort categories by id on mydb page (601)
  • [BUG] bugfix for selecting start characters in title lists on mydb page (600)
  • [BUG] possible fix for alternative version eps being shown in up2date, i.e. part 1of2 part2of2 for a movie (595)
  • [BUG] couple fixes for the recently new established language system

26.02.2007 0.1.31

  • [FEAT] easier mass add of generic files to MyList (see bottom of anime page if no eps are expanded)
  • [FEAT] profile option to display language flags next to ep titles on the anime page
  • [BUG] some bug fixes
  • [MISC] CSS class names of language flags were changed, you'll need to update any customized CSS styles
  • [MISC] creq comment for anime/ep titles
  • [MISC] other minor changes

25.02.2007 v0.1.30

  • [FEAT] first version of new user rights system
  • [FEAT] file mass add
  • [FEAT] episode mass add
  • [FEAT] episode mass edit
  • [FEAT] multilingual anime title
  • [FEAT] multilingual episode title
  • [FEAT] creqable animegroup state
  • [FEAT] delete creqs for basically everything
  • [FEAT] file move creqs
  • [FEAT] profile option for automated clearing of notifies upon loading of the notify history page
  • [FEAT] title language prefs @ profile
  • [FEAT] profile option to hide foreign language titles on anime page
  • [FEAT] profile option to hide short titles on anime page
  • [FEAT] latest additions page shows now verified status and language for titles and allows filtering
  • [FEAT] replaced mainpage top10 listing
  • [FEAT] send message on buddy recommendation
  • [FEAT] new anime notification type: complete - sends notifies only if a final ep is added by a group
  • [FEAT] added CSS drop-down list @ profile
  • [FEAT] first version of SVG graphs on anime history page
  • [BUG] temp vote possible when airing day/month is unknown
  • [BUG] Chii fix for the obsolete year field
  • [BUG] bug with tons of br s in seq notifies fixed, maybe?
  • [BUG] Don't report corrupted/self-edited/deleted list entries in the Avdump report.
  • [BUG] don't show ??.??.YYYY airdate anime in anime calendar
  • [MISC] various minor changes

21.01.2007 v0.1.28

  • file notifications can be restricted to your favourite audio/sub languages -> profile
  • notifications for newly added sequels&co to anime you collect -> profile
  • new MyList report "report to find missing episodes from anime in your MyList"
  • new MyList report "report to find files which weren't Avdumped yet in your MyList"
  • added sorting to adv. search (10)
  • added tmp. rating to animelist (4)
  • normal users can now see avmf dumps
  • minor changes


  • fixed bug in user list
  • My History * Order of Dates Incorrect (567)
  • "Delete Selected" , but nothing to select (562)
  • fix for sub files @ filepage
  • small change to hot anime calculation
  • fixed myvote revoke issue
  • fixed pop-up/nonav @ animepage
  • profile option for jabber im service
  • new personalized rss/rdf feeds for notifications
  • some changes to latest files rss/rdf feed


  • new rating system
  • new word by word compare @ creqpage
  • Straight average in vote graph captions
  • buddy anime recommendation system


  • fixed 'Undefined subroutine &adbs_addep::amp called at /var/www/anidb/perl*bin/subs/ line 105. ' @ del ep
  • added 'onlynotif', 'onlyraw', 'onlyalang', 'onlyslang' filters to latest completed
  • added language icons for latest completed
  • added filelist to ep
  • fixed aproducer creq fields
  • added my vote column to MyList table
  • agcmts edit (558)
  • minor stuff (523, 402, 316)
  • fixed links @ past creqs
  • compare word by word @ creq (trivial)
  • fixed addfile confirmation page
  • multiple "add to MyList" at once @ up2date (473)
  • redirect from ed2kdump to massupdate (41)
  • type for mass update/change (27)
  • mass add eps from anime ... (28)
  • lots of minor markup changes/fixes


27.12.2006 v0.1.23

  • [FEAT] search norel redirect (542)
  • [FEAT] added relations, producers and aproducers to latest
  • [MISC] removed title from anime edit (438)
  • [MISC] added epp for mydb
  • [MISC] killed group ircpass
  • [MISC] remember guest pass (554)
  • [BUG] fixed ed2kdump (548, 547)
  • [BUG] fixed tyop (551)
  • [BUG] fixed userlist (553, 396, 278)
  • [BUG] fixed addseq add bug
  • [BUG] fixed addseq report feature

23.11.2006 v0.1.21

  • [BUG] title pref fix @ MyList of other user
  • [BUG] fixed special epno @ export (518)
  • [BUG] hid owner in title creqs @
  • [FEAT] layout changes @ file page and creq pages
  • [FEAT] added 'mod message'
  • [FEAT] hentai filter @ myvotes (543)
  • [MISC] iso8601 dates @ XML
  • [MISC] restrict verified files
  • [MISC] restrict files with pending autocreqs

mod only

  • [MISC] granting related file/stream creqs in one transaction
  • [MISC] allow streamno switching

06.11.2006 v0.1.20

  • [BUG] disallow type change for romaji titles
  • [BUG] fixed review air/end date constraint @ animeatt page
  • [BUG] fixed air date period @ adv. search (541)
  • [BUG] fixed MyList expand issue (399)
  • [FEAT] added review votes @ vote page (no redir., incl. old type votes) (410, 508)

Mod only:

  • [FEAT] merged track creqs on fid
  • [FEAT] show type change in title creqs

03.11.2006 v0.1.19

  • [BUG] fixed bug where 'epp' can be set to whatever @ latest files
  • [BUG] fixed typo 'Auido' @ profile
  • [BUG] fixed typo in myliststate help resource
  • [BUG] killed old help page
  • [BUG] hid 'Your Vote' when not logged in @ latest reviews
  • [BUG] fixed "locked title" issue on revoke of add anime request
  • [BUG] fixed lang pref bug @ MyList compare (413)
  • [BUG] back button fix @ add anime page (408)
  • [BUG] fixed type edit bug @ add anime title page
  • [MISC] killed old 'year' field
  • [MISC] merged 'latest additions' and 'latest reviews'
  • [MISC] changes in ag state, zero normal eps -> n/a.
  • [MISC] 'epp' preserved when changing type @ latest
  • [MISC] removed mass add link - changed the add* link texts @ anime page
  • [FEAT] added type 1 to addanimetitle, all types creqable
  • [FEAT] added 'feedback' to myreviews
  • [FEAT] "remember" where to go after login
  • [FEAT] filter by MyList + rar's title search @ adv. search
  • [FEAT] added revoke vote @ group page (430)
  • [FEAT] hid reviews/animeatt page when airing not ended (452)
  • [FEAT] added 'latest completed anime' (a<->g) (463)
  • [FEAT] changed default behavior @ latest files/pref lang

Mod only:

  • [MISC] removed 'sub languages' and 'resolutions' from cat page
  • [FEAT] merged file/streams creqs
  • [FEAT] made 'show automated' really show all automated and not just trusted. also added possibility to only show trusted
  • [MISC] all next behavior now should follow the creq type; normal, automated, trusted
  • [MISC] default behavior on creq action now is back to creq and show message
  • [MISC] many minor changes in layout ++ @ creq page
  • [FEAT] added del creq support
  • [FEAT] new avmf page

21.10.2006 v0.1.18

  • [MISC] Q&D hack to make sure jump from anime page to MyList works
  • [BUG] fix for broken prev link on MyList page
  • [FEAT] allow larger numbers for entries per page (150, 200, 250 added)
  • [BUG] don't show nav menu after submitting an animegroup comment
  • [BUG] fixed animegroup comments
  • [MISC] removed old year field for anime in many places
  • [MISC] some minor changes
  • [MISC] don't allow styled/unstyled/image sub for hardsubs @ subtitle add
  • [MISC] don't allow fps>0 when vfr @ video track add
  • [MISC] don't allow ed2k==md5 @ file add
  • [FEAT] differentiate between add and edit, (title, buttons, hid creq comment on add) @ file add
  • [FEAT] added romaji column to latest titles
  • [FEAT] added language filters to latest files (removed non lame file filter)
  • [BUG] compare to own list results now in error (479)
  • [MISC] improved the MyList related query
  • [MISC] cleaned the file add page somewhat
  • [MISC] hid the Track ID field from normal users
  • [BUG] fixed the char/page issue in MyList (529)
  • [FEAT] added titles to latest additions (488)
  • [BUG] fixed url/chan sorting of groups (274)

29.07.2006 v0.1.16

  • [FEAT] new myhistory page
  • [FEAT] company page shows MyList status (css still missing)
  • [FEAT] anime calender shows MyList status (css still missing)
  • [BUG] missing aid in myvotes epvotes page fixed
  • [BUG] error on adding awards fixed
  • [BUG] advanced search now hanlded eps=0 correctly
  • [MISC] add full link to review header for copy&paste
  • [MISC] removed old producer field
  • [MISC] removed rounding of fps field in creqs
  • [MISC] search results of advanced search limited to 250
  • [MISC] some more css for myreviews page
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes

30.06.2006 v0.1.15

  • [FEAT] indefinate dates for anime air and end date are now supported (??.mm.yyyy and ??.??.yyyy)
  • [FEAT] it is now possible to add comment only creqs to entries (also animegroup entries and comments)
  • [BUG] fixed missing creq comments
  • [MISC] animegroup data now also stores language and epcount info (not yet shown on anime page)
  • [MISC] companies are listed only once on anime page
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes

29.06.2006 v0.1.14

  • [FEAT] new version of myvotes page
  • [FEAT] new hot anime sub page under latest additions (still needs tweaking)
  • [BUG] fixed black bars in anime relation graphs
  • [MISC] more css changes for latest additions
  • [MISC] anime relation graphs are now png files
  • [MISC] added file type "audio file"
  • [MISC] added file-file relation type "external-audio-for"
  • [MISC] profile allows selection of prefered audio and subtitle languages (not yet used anywhere)
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes

26.06.2006 v0.1.13

  • [FEAT] file-file relations now creq based
  • [FEAT] file-ep relations now creq based
  • [FEAT] cross anime file-ep relations (mod only)
  • [BUG] cache clearing when adding a company to an anime
  • [MISC] max length for english ep titles is now 150 (was 100)
  • [MISC] allow \ in css profile urls
  • [MISC] simple anti-hotlinking protection for anime images
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes

23.06.2006 v0.1.12

  • [BUG] fixed locked titles after anime add creq deny
  • [BUG] css modifications to up2date and mydb pages
  • [FEAT] now listing anime-group comments and review comments on mydb page
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes

22.06.2006 v0.1.11

  • [FEAT] new up2date page for anime sequels/relations
  • [BUG] fixed incorrect cache update on file stream deletion
  • [BUG] fixed one case of incorrect cache update on MyList modification
  • [BUG/FEAT] fixed some of the remaining stream system issues
  • renamed stream to track
  • removed quality row in stream creqs
  • added creq comment box for owners if a 3rd party creq has been granted
  • fixed double width in creq display
  • don't allow stream ids for hard subs
  • show audio/sub lang in ed2kdump filenames
  • allow cross anime file relations (mod only)
  • reordered file relation form
  • allow external-sub-for relations only from sub to video file (user only)
  • allow newer-ver-of relations only within one ep (user only)
  • removed warning message about non-existing db entry on add creq
  • link to file in old-creq page for streams
  • added flags: video: clean, subs: unstyled
  • disallow multiple selection of some subtitle flags (styled,unstyled,image)
  • [?] minor changes/bugfixes


  • internal changes to add/edit/del pages for groups and anime
  • new favourite reviewers feature with notifications
  • minor changes


  • internal changes to add/edit/del pages for companies and eps
  • internal changes to MyList reports page
  • minor changes


  • added more clearing options to notify history
  • added first version of creq code for streams
  • fixed some newly introduced random features


  • new handling of video, audio and subtitle streams per file (still disabled, viewing only)
  • new handling of file to file relations (i.e. external subtitle files) (no effect outside file page yet)
  • new handling of file to episode relations (i.e. file spanning multiple eps, multiple files needed for one ep) (no effect outside file page yet)
  • some internal changes to the anime, producer, anime<->producer handling which might have introduced new random features


  • some internal changes which are likely to have introduced new random features


  • allcinema links added to anime
  • edits by the owner of a db entry will no longer be allowed once a creq by someone else was granted for an entry (the owner of an entry will have to issue creqs himself)
  • one slightly modified MyList report: detecting of dublicates in MyList while ignoring sub files
  • first version of antileech code
  • mod only: more logs


  • very simple first version of buddy list added, feel free to suggest ways to improve it in the feature request forum.



  • css layout for anime calendar and ep pages
  • more nav menu entries for other styles
  • minor bugfixes


  • new css layout for mainpage
  • it is not possible to show hentai entries always without image
  • some bug fixes


  • AniDB back up
  • some mod-only changes


  • newlines allowed in review comments
  • mod only changes


  • mydb entries extended
  • mod only changes


  • different types of specials
  • option to hide parody eps via profile setting
  • allow longer search strings
  • minor changes


  • added synonyms to company listing page
  • made urls & animenfo link clickable in anime creqs
  • max resolution set to 1920x1080
  • mod only: blacklist feature
  • bug fixes


  • introduced the concept of "abstract" categories, categories marked as such by mods can no longer be added to anime, i.e. ('Genre' or 'Setting::Place').
  • file add dialogue does no longer load entire group list as drop-down
  • creq comment box size increased
  • search field now usable for users searches while userlist is shown
  • added new aomverified flag for files, set to "yes" once aom creqed the file (i'll work something out with petriw in order to get all the old files updated too)
  • new anime<->group state finished, if a group subbed the last ep of an anime
  • latest files and latest anime renamed
  • mod only: date of last change shown for each creq
  • mod only: anime with current+ year info are shown separately in lame noair/enddate listings
  • mod only: merging a normal file (slave) into a generic file (master). MyList filestate is set to filler for all affected users
  • mod only: moving and deleting of generic files possible
  • minor changes/fixes


  • normal users can now add categories to anime
  • changes are shown under latest files -> categories
  • mod logging features


  • new template xml-xslt added
  • possible MyList file states changed to unknown/on HDD/on CD/deleted
  • anime view updated accordingly
  • in some places this might lead to screwed up stats & co, feel free to report new random features in the forum


  • changed a lot of links to point to the wiki instead of the forum
  • added new mod-only take ownership command


  • new mass edit page for anime<->category relations
  • categories sorted on anime category page
  • caching of category names disabled for admin interface


  • first version of new category system (will replace genres at some point)
  • delete all system messages link in my messages
  • audio/sub language Norwegian
  • more company<->anime relation types


  • first version of custom CSS support


  • producers have been generalised to companies
  • shortname, synonyms and type have been added for companies
  • a type has been added for anime<->company relations, currently only displayed in a tooltip on the animepage
  • minor bugfixes


  • new producer handling, producers are now handled more like groups/genres. for now the old producer data is still displayed on the anime page in () I'll look into possible ways to convert the existing producer data someday.
  • a couple of bug fixes


  • image on group page
  • caching on group page
  • profile option to hide award images on anime page


  • .5 anime votes are now possible (enable via profile setting)
  • lame db entries page split into subpages (mod only)
  • some bug fixes


  • a lot of additional caching added
    • notify/message pop-up only checked once every 60 seconds
    • anime titles on animelist page cached
    • eps on anime page cached
    • new-file status for eps on anime page cached

this has probably introduced new bugs. especially together with chi or the API. (expect to see new types of out of sync issues)


  • minor bug fixes
  • minor changes


  • new version of AniDB hint by egg
  • some minor bug fixes


  • added aggressive caching to the anime page


  • new caching system, this is very likely to cause new random features, so please report any strange changes!
  • minor changes fixes


  • the anime page's group info field now highlights own groups
  • creq notify messages now contain a link to the full creq
  • new max length for kanji/romaji ep titles (1000/250 chars)
  • allow normal users to see old creqs (without userinfo)
  • better creq navigation for mods
  • fixed problem with dates <1970 for files and eps
  • minor fixes



  • added unknown/censored/uncensored flag for files
  • added first version of links page
  • MyList now allows mass changes of filestate
  • minor changes

Mod Only:

  • finished userinfo page
  • linked to userinfo page from all over AniDB
  • changed creq history view to reuse the normal creq display code

Older Changes:

  • updated html-anidbstyle theme
  • updated html-cleancut theme
  • updated html-lightblue theme


  • recent review votes overview on myreviews page
  • own review comments can be viewed
  • mods can manually add generic files to eps
  • some MyList reports do no longer list generic files
  • minor stuff


  • first version of new review voting system
  • more MyList reports
  • minor bug fixes


  • updated the AniDB forum to phpbb 2.0.11


  • new dedicated login page (via * link in the login area) where the keep cookie option can be selected
  • disabling the notify pop-up in the profile section now only disabled the popup and leaves notifications and the link in the login area enabled.
  • new mod only creq features
  • some internal changes


  • ed2k_dump now has an identify only mode
  • ed2k_dump now shows AniDB filenames
  • file edit notifications are no longer send to users who only changed a file via AoM auto-creqs
  • file edit notifications can now be enabled/disabled separately for files one owns and files one edited.
  • more info in edit notification messages


  • MyList does now use the preferred language for episode titles
  • MyList does now show the aired date of eps, if available
  • rss feed contains more info, more files and is linked in the AniDB header
  • users are now notified about changes to files they own or edited in the past
  • internal creq changes


  • added new "length" data value for files (aom 0.6 will auto creq those)
  • some modifications to the notification history
  • fixed two bugs introduced with the last update which made adding files or registering as a new user impossible in some cases


  • first version of notification history: myplace -> mynotifies -> show history
  • internal db-related changes (might cause new random features)


  • a currently pending creq is now displayed together with an error message if you try to edit an entry which has a creq pending
  • new mod only bulk message feature
  • new versions of the html-anidbstyle and html-cleancut export template


  • new version of anime hint feature
  • first version of MyList report page
  • some internal changes

older but not yet listed here:

  • some generic files fixes
  • new versions of MyList export themes html-anidbstyle, html-cleancut, html-lightblue
  • new audio and sub languages
  • MyList filestate icons added
  • some minor changes


  • performance improvements for anime hint (by egg)
  • whishlist/blacklist integration for anime hint (by egg)
  • new filestate for MyList entries (options depend on type of file normal/generic)
  • language for ep titles choosable via profile settings
  • xkeepoldcookie option to prevent the remember password option from invalidating all other autologin cookies, see: [1] (old forum)
  • first implementation of generic files, for now they are added only for new eps, once all bugs have been taken out they will automatically be added to all already existing eps too. generic files are shown on a white background and have a size of 0 bytes. it's very likely that they break some parts of AniDB, so happy bug hunting :P
  • profile option to hide generic files on anime view
  • temp. voting is now only allowed if the anime has already started airing (only if an airdate is added though)
  • it's now possible to unhide pending, auto-generated creqs and to revoke them
  • some minor changes


  • lowlevel db changes
  • "minor changes only" is now checked by default when editing a review
  • an anime can now directly be added to a specific wishlist category from the anime page
  • new wishlist category "blacklist" added, it has no special meaning yet, however someday anime on ones blacklist will be hidden in some views (i.e. anime hint)
  • access to ones wishlist can now be granted to other users
  • end date added for anime (date the anime finished airing)
  • perm. voting for an anime is now only possible if an end date has been added for the anime
  • new user signup/password reminder handling
  • autologin cookie no longer stores plaintext password
  • file comments are now included as image tooltips on the anime page
  • file extension is now by default automatically extracted from the ed2k link when adding a file to AniDB
  • it is now possible to add English, romaji and kanji titles for episodes
  • max. char count for animegroup comments changed from 500 to 1000
  • groups which added a file within the last 24h are now always unhidden in the group info box
  • one can now choose to receive notifications if a group drops an anime one is collecting in the profile settings
  • new latest anime page
  • only the owner of an anime or mods may add genres to an anime
  • first version of UDP API (notifications), first client will follow soon
  • minor changes
  • lots of new bugs :)


  • ann links added for anime
  • warning page @ file add added if no ed2k link is given or another file with the same size is already added @ ep
  • note @ signup to not use hotmail or yahoo addresses as their spamfilters seem to eat a lot of AniDB signup emails lately x_X
  • minor bug fixes


  • it's now possible to add first aired/released dates to anime
  • perm. voting will revoke ones temp. vote
  • minor fixes


  • files which are <=48h old will not be marked deprecated
  • files which are <=7d old will not be hidden even if deprecated


  • new template SDK added
  • new templates added
  • new temporary voting added
  • episode based voting added
  • new animevotes overview page for each anime added ([graph] link @ rating)
  • new chii commands: !votetmp, !voteep
  • mayor internal changes to the voting system, might have introduced new random features, please keep your eyes open.


  • bug fixes
  • add file should now always use the size from an ed2k link if one is provided.
  • the deprecated files handling has been changed, these files will no be automatically unidden, they're still marked as being deprecated though:
    • files in MyList.
    • all files with more than 50 users.
    • if hiding deprecated files would only leave <= 1 files left all files will be unhidden.


  • anime awards are now activated (not all are added yet though)
  • first version of MyList compare is online


  • new profile option to hide other titles in anime list
  • new profile option to select preferred title type in MyList
  • first version of "deprecated files" feature: files which match the following criteria are marked deprecated and will be displayed in grey (or even hidden if the profile option is set).
    • the ep has >=50 users and the file has <=3 and is not marked CRC checked
    • the file is marked as CRC incorrect
    • the quality of the file is < low
    • another file by the same group and in the same version exists and is CRC verified while this file is not (this more or less implies that this file has a broken CRC after all)
    • another file by the same group and in a higher version exists and is CRC verified.* minor bug fixes and changes


  • anime awards are implemented but disabled as they cause some problems atm
  • there is a profile option to hide kanji titles on the animelist page (not very useful until all titles have been updated though)


  • hentai warning (disable via profile setting)
  • raw stats updated to give an error message if queried while a stats update is in progress. (see: [2] (old forum))
  • new title types now also shown on anime page
  • more q&d workarounds to lower server load on up2date and anime hint
  • additional filters for anime hint
  • myreview page now lists own review votes when reviews of other users are displayed


  • anime hint now only takes votes from users into account who have at least 100 files in their MyList and voted for at least 50 anime.


  • more titles types added
  • strict enforcement of character encoding for anime titles


  • it's now possible to see the status of sent AniDB messages.


  • complete rewrite of the creq code this has probably introduced many new random features.


  • Lafiel[AR] shows more events now (#anidb-log @
  • the search box now searches for groups if used while on the grouplist page


  • polish language support added
  • cliffhanger tag for eps removed (it was to unclear)
  • anime hint Q&D fixed



  • more relations (anime<->anime) added


  • "hide unviewed" MyList filter added (requested by SilverWordz)
  • "hide own reviews" filter on latest reviews page
  • ed2kdump now lists CRC info


  • some little changes and bug fixes


  • add/edit file and mass add now have 3 group drop-downs. one is ordered by group name, one by group short name and one lists all groups which already subbed a file for the anime.
  • it's now possible to revoke anime/group votes. see: anime/group vote pop-up
  • it's now possible to add comments to each anime/group entry. see: anime page
  • it's now possible to vote for each release by a group. meaning you can vote for each anime/group combination. the links are located on the anime page
  • it's now possible to add relations between groups. i.e. for a group [A&B] the groups A and B can be added as "parent" groups. see: group page


0.0.58dev - 12.06.2003

  • anime page now also shows MyList state of files (on hdd, ...)
  • advanced search allows searches by ranking/reviews
  • MyList action drop-down has new option update which copies the selected files into the mass update form
  • it's now possible to see a list of reviews by a given user (via userlist or at the right side of each review)
  • it's now possible to see a list of all votes by a given user if he has allowed this
  • new profile option to allow other ppl to see your votes list (disabled for old accounts, defaults to enabled for new accounts)
  • new voting info/naming scheme added
  • bug fixes
  • minor changes

0.0.57dev - 07.06.2003

  • it's now possible to send all selected files in the anime view to an ed2k client via JavaScript (thanks go to PetriW for his support)
  • episodes now have additional flag recap (more might be added later)
  • reviews can now be edited by the author
  • old AniDB links ( are now correctly forwarded to the new server
  • some bug fixes
  • some minor changes

0.0.54dev - 01.04.2003

  • searches using the quick search field will now directly bring you to the anime page if only one anime matched your search
  • MyList entries can be changed on a per anime basis using the new checkboxes displayed when no MyList entry is expanded.
  • new myreleases page on the mypage

0.0.53dev - 31.03.2003

  • new MyList states which can be selected for every file in MyList

(unknown, on hdd, on cd, deleted, shared, release)

  • MyList states can be set on every page where this is useful (MyList edit, mass add to MyList, ed2kdump, ...)
  • mass update/mass change allows to change the infos of a bunch of files in MyList via their ed2k links (much like ed2kdump does)
  • MyList data is now heavily cached, this could lead to some wrong eps/totaleps and seen/eps values from time to time but it will generally improve the performance of the MyList page greatly.

0.0.52dev - 21.03.2003

  • MyList now supports removal of entire anime with one click
  • bug fixes
  • minor changes

0.0.51dev - 12.03.2003

  • new myplace page which now lists all the links to the personal pages
  • new myreviews page
  • new notification function (ATM only available for AniDB/ar staff)
  • bug fixes
  • minor changes

0.0.50dev - 15.02.2003

  • ed2kdump allows to specify additional MyList data
  • up2date allows group filtering
  • creq page allows user to clear own creq history
  • minor changes

0.0.49dev - 12.02.2003

  • db change request handling changed
  • db change request stats
  • db change request messaging
  • minor changes

0.0.47dev - 07.02.2003

  • min file size is now 512bytes (was 1MB)
  • myvote page is coloured
  • ed2kwatch supports mass ignore
  • mass-add allows adding to MyList as watched/unwatched
  • all AniDB pages have specific page titles
  • new stats:
    • % viewed of total eps in AniDB
    • % in MyList of total eps in AniDB
    • % viewed of eps in MyList
    • top10: most viewed eps
  • password reminder function (on login failed error page) allows users to request temporary passwords
  • included reminder to hassle /me if the passwd email doesn't arrive within 15mins
  • minor changes

0.0.46dev - 06.02.2003

  • fixed bug in mass-add if special eps are present
  • added CRC/md5 to mass-add page

0.0.45dev - 08.01.2003


0.0.44dev - 23.12.2002

  • group page now lists all subbed anime
  • genre search is much faster
  • genre search can be initiated by clicking [more] behind the genre listing on the anime page
  • new mod feature "lame db entries" (AniDB mods only)
  • other little changes

0.0.43dev - 16.12.2002

  • extra language and fileversion data is now also shown in MyList
  • more info in ed2k link file names
  • option to display all ed2k links for an anime as a text listing "Export ED2K Links"

0.0.42dev - 14.12.2002

  • it's now possible to add special/extra eps to an anime

0.0.41dev - 07.12.2002

  • CRC can be marked as unchecked/checked/missmatch
  • file version v1-v5 can be selected

0.0.40dev - 27.11.2002

  • myvotes allows to display and revoke own votes
  • !vote and !voteg cmd of chii have allow re-voting too

0.0.39dev - 22.11.2002

  • new "Request Edit" function to request db changes for anime/ep/file/group.
  • some minor changes

0.0.38dev - 17.11.2002

  • Added new ed2kdump feature
  • Some minor changes

0.0.37dev - 18.10.2002

  • added v0.01 of the review feature

0.0.36dev - 10.10.2002

  • fixed ed2kwatch
  • fixed title/genre/sequel adding to anime owned by other ppl
  • fixed case sensitive ed2k links bug