Tutorial:How to Add Files for Dummies!

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The Basics

AniDB is file based. Because of this every release (status) in AniDB is calculated from the added files! Keep that in mind.

Step 1

  • Verify that the group you want to add a release for has already been added (see Groups).
  • If not, add the group details before continuing.

Step 2

To add a group's release to anidb you need ed2k-links of the files. There are multiple ways to generate those. One of the simplest, that also provides AniDB with a lot of metadata (hashes, length, bitrate- & codec info etc.), is avdump.

Note! While this step provides details for avdump, any application that can generate ed2k-links can be used.

  • Get avdump GUI
  • Set your AniDb username and API password in the options menu.
  • Activate the checkbox in front of the "export ed2k links to file" option and set a path in the field next to it where the file should be saved
  • Save the options.
  • Select what you want to scan from the main menu: files or folders.
  • Select the stuff you want to scan (... Button) (you can select multiple files at once)
  • Click Start.

Step 3

  • Go to the entry of the Anime in AniDB you want to add a release for
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click MASSF
  • Open the log file from the path you set in avdump. It should contain various lines of text starting with ed2k://.
  • Copy and paste those lines into the big text area in the AniDb website in MASSF
  • Set the group and language options
  • Click next
  • Set the episodes the files belong to. AniDB tries to recognize some parameter from the file names, but this is not guaranteed to work 100%