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== how about a less daunting term than 'mylist' for the front page? ==
== how about a less daunting term than 'mylist' for the front page? ==
Might it be better to say something like 'How to... Use anidb to organise your anime collection', rather than 'How to... create a mylist' ?  
Might it be better to say something like 'How to... Use anidb to organise your anime collection', rather than 'How to... create a mylist' ?  

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how about a less daunting term than 'mylist' for the front page?

Might it be better to say something like 'How to... Use anidb to organise your anime collection', rather than 'How to... create a mylist' ?

'mylist' is anidb jargon, and thus not something that we can count on someone visiting the wiki for help to know the meaning of. It's conceivable that someone who didn't know the meaning of the word 'mylist' wouldn't realise what mylsits were capable of (it's pretty well-hidden from an unregistered user). By saying something like 'Use anidb to organise your anime collection', it's immediately obvious to the user how anidb can benefit her.

I don't have the bare-faced cheek to just roll this idea out on the front page and see if if floats, but I hope you might find it interesting.

Description of AniDB on Main Page

Just using Der Idiot's change of my change as an excuse to try out the talk feature... I had put a link to the About page in the list of links on the Main Page, he removed it with the comment:

Der Idiot That link is visible everywhere at the bottom of the screen. i doubt it's needed to add that to the main page as a seperate option. Though some words about Anidb on the mainpage wouldn't be bad.

I didn't even notice the About at the bottom, and I doubt that other people will either... I do think that there should be something that people see first thing that has a brief description of the site though.


I agree, some about needs to be mainpaged. When the wiki is a bit more mature, I'll probably do something fancy with tables on the fontpage anyway. Meanwhile, quotetest...
Der Idiot screw r1. It's zoro not zolo On anidb forum
Hmm... not completely intuative, and no indent with the :

FAQ section

imo it seems a bit silly to have 1 page per question - only in some cases will this be really necessary. and the way redirecting works, redirecting them to a section on a page doesn't work - would be better to make the "FAQ:Question" links into "FAQ#Question" links instead.

--Suppy 17:35, 12 January 2006 (CET)
Ehehe, I was just trying a new front end, was thinking either redirects (like you've done) or short bits of text with pointers to the relevant pages, that could then be transcluded into the faq index. As demonstrated byt FAQ:Girls though, some of them *are* pretty long and do deserve their own pages. I'm writing an answer to faq #1 atm, so don't worry over that one for the mo. Also, feel free to make the page less ugly, and make the index block at the bottom properly useful and comprehensive. I think I'm missing a bunch of website interface stuff atm. Also, anything else needed? --Rar 23:00, 12 January 2006 (CET)

Copyright - or left?

Under what license is the content of this wiki released? I am a Wikipedian and would like to exchange some info between wikis, but without info on this wiki license I can neither copy content from it, nor can I copy cotent to it. If you would like to be compatibile with Wikipedia, please use the GNU FDL license. --Piotrus 02:18, 15 January 2006 (CET)

As you can see from the rather shabby state of the setup and mediawiki detritus all over the place, we've not exactly put much effort into setting this wiki up nicely. But, as we're not a big site that solicits public donations a la wikip, quite frankly, I think we should get on with writing an encyclop... er... help site, rather than worrying too much about legal stuff that doesn't really have any good answer. Basically all prose on here should be considered as in the public domain, bar the bits which are from wikip, which are gdfl, obviously. Pictures are another matter though, as even screenshots of the website contain copyright images, and not in a format we could claim US law fair use on, which probably wouldn't be possible anyway as we're more EU centered. I'm not sure what specifically you'd like to make an encyclopedia article out of, but I could either write some ill informed and straw man Project:Copyrights page like most websites have and could never actually enforce in court, or just copy the material across myself and save you the mental anguish of potential breach of a poorly tested copyright fudge.--Rar 20:35, 17 January 2006 (CET)
A note that text info of this project is in pd would probably suffice - even copying what you wrote above would be helpful if other Wikipedians stumble here. What brought me here was your article on Mainichi Awards, which I now copied partially to Wiki. This can now be expanded with rest of your info, and I am sure you have some other content that Wiki could absorb :) You have a nice wiki out here - I look forward to seeing it grow.--Piotrus 02:44, 24 January 2006 (CET)