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this is the place to contribute ideas on a possible future addition of manga data to AniDB.

For other areas of active development on AniDB, check: Development

Directly related: Generic_PersonCompany_DEV



What are the things we should be able to store/provide?

... list all entities and their attributes here ...

Situation and Problems

  • packs aren't standarized
  • repacks and reedits are common

Hence because of that adding hashes or automating the add via those is somewhat impossible. The only way to do this would be if we break it down to the pagelevel which is somewhat silly. Furthermore as viewer are capable of showing the content without extracting many people don't decompress the packs. Because of that going down to that level is pointless.




  • like animenetries at AniDB
  • description
  • genres/categories
  • producer
  • picture
  • color/greyscale/B&W/mixed

Volume level

  • is identical to the episode entries of AniDB
  • data: volume name, volume number, release date

Chapter level

  • is somewhat identical to the episode entries of AniDB
  • a range of chapters builds a volume
  • data: chapter name, chapter number (release date)

File level

  • slightly identical to the file entries of AniDB
  • only generic files
  • generic files can have language and a group
  • more than 1 generic file per chapter! basically every language + group combo creates a new file
  • no size
  • no hash


Approach 1


Approach 2


Fields go here, please specifiy types and default values


a bit of automization could get done with parsing the filename, but most adding would be manual labor, which is inevitable considering we store no hashes and there is no real way to do this with them.

it's essential to have massfileadd tools for this. this includes massadd to AniDB and massadd to mylist.