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This expands on the special fields for video files that should be supplied.

Note: On most video files, you will also need to fill in the audio and subtitle information as well!

Length | Censored | Quality | Source | Resolution | Aspect Ratio | Video Codec | Video Bitrate | FPS | Video Flags


Enter how many hours, minutes and seconds the file lasts. Just check in your favourite media player. If you have a file that won't display its length correctly, try to use avdump to determine the length.


This only applies to animes that have both an uncensored and a censored version. If it only has one, leave this setting as the default: Unknown.


This is a very arbitrary field. It depends completely on the eye of the beholder. Set this to what you think the file deserves.


Here you can set the source of the raw (unsubbed) anime. If you don't know the source, leave it as "unknown". If you find a tag like "(S)VHS" or "DVD" in the filename, choose the according option from the dropdown-menu. Sometimes, it's ok to make an educated guess: For animes that are released fansubbed shortly (within days/weeks) after they aired in Japan, you can safely assume "DTV" (Digital TV) as source. Another case for educated guessing is "HKDVD" (Hongkong-DVD) - the video-quality may be ok for them, but the translation is usually horrible, which is how you can spot them.


In this field you set which resolution the file has in pixels. Width x Height. Or just use avdump.

Aspect Ratio

Set the playback aspect ratio for the file.

Video Codec

Video Bitrate


To find out what video codec, bitrate and fps is used for the file, we recommend that you use avdump.

Video Flags

  • Anamorphic: for an explanation of this, see here.
  • Clean video: set this flag if there is nothing hardsubbed in this file. RAWs are always clean.
  • VFR: Variable Frame Rate. Use avdump for this.
  • Wrong Aspect Ratio: If the file was encoded with the wrong viewing aspect ratio, check this box. One way to tell whether this is true is if what should be a circle on the screen isn't completely round, but rather elliptic.