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All fansubs have subtitles, only RAWs are without them, so this section should also be filled out for most files.

Subtitle type | Subtitle Language | Subtitle Flags

Subtitle type

Here you should specify whether the subs are:

  • Hard subs
  • Soft subs
  • Supplementary soft subs (i.e. sign translation)
  • Other, or
  • Unknown.

Subtitle Language

Select which language is used in the subs from the dropdown list.

Subtitle Flags

  • Dubsubbed - if the subtitles seem to be an exact match of the english (or other language) audio tracks, and doesn't follow the actual lipmovements very well, it is probably dubsubbed.
  • Hearing impaired subs
  • Image subs (VOBSUB)
  • Styled subs (ASS/SSA)
  • Subs for commentary audiostream
  • Unstyled subs (SRT)