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Do NOT...

  • write comments in any other language than English
  • add smilies or any offtopic comments
  • add comments about downloadsource/patches
  • add qpel, gmc, sbc or vfr comments
  • add qualityratings to the comments
  • add unimportant crap like "group xxx 143252643856234758 release"
  • add redundant info like "HQ version/LQ version" use the freakin quality rating!


Joint episodes

See: Multi episode Files

Joint episodes 26-27
Joint episodes 122-123

Missing content

There are several files without Intro/Opening, Outro/Ending or Preview. Some people cut them out to save space so they can fit more episodes on one CD.
But since Intros/Outros are part of the anime/episode we are adding comments about them missing or being incomplete to the file.
Furthermore sometimes scenes get cut out. Missing footage should get reported as well if possible. In such cases set the file to censored as well.

Intro missing
Outro missing
Preview missing
Intro/Outro/Preview missing
Intro incomplete
Outro incomplete
Preview incomplete
x minute[s] of footage missing (<timecode>)

*) Set "censored" too

Opening & Endings

Specification of the content of the op/ed.

Note: Meant only for Specials (C)!

Clean version
Credits: <Language>
Lyrics: Kanji
Lyrics: Kana
Lyrics: Romaji
Lyrics: English
Additional dubs: Instrumental

Special versions

Special versions are "Director's Cuts", "Remastered Versions" and such.
If such a special version has a different name, e.g. the "2003 Renewal Edition" of NGE: EoE, use that name for the comment.

Director´s Cut
Remastered Version


Specification of where the trailer was taken from.

Trailer from official site
Trailer from Special Edition micro-DVD AnimeINC Anniversary


For files that contain visible errors or are incomplete (truncated).
out of the ordinary FPS should get reported as well (anything besides: 24,25/29)

Audio-Video asynchronous
Corrupt avi header
Corrupt avi index
Corrupt frames
Corrupt frame[s] (<frames/timecode>)
Corrupt frame[s] (<frames/timecode>; <frames/timecode>; [...])
Corrupt frame[s] (<frames/timecode>-<frames/timecode>)
Corrupt frames (<durance in sec>)
FPS: 120
Incomplete file *)
Wrong aspect ratio

*) Set "crc mismatch" and "corrupted" too



As the current system doesn't support the input of more than 1 audiostream and audiochannels at all please enter the data the way described below.

  • If the file contains 2 or more audiostreams and not all have the same number of channel add the language as well.
  • To identify the different audiostreams use a 3 character countrycode.
  • For codec just use the shortnames. (AAC, Ogg, Mp3, ...)
  • If you want to enter channels, bitrate and codec set a ; between the data and put bitrate first, followed by codec and channels last.

Audio (<language>): <bitrate> kBit/s; <codec>; <channel> channel

Note: DON'T list stereo (2 channel) as thats standard it's not neccessary to add.

In case there is more than 1 audiostream of the same language number the tracks witht he same language. (jap2), (eng3) ...

Audio: 1 channel
Audio: 5.1 channel
Audio (eng): 1 channel
Audio (jap): 5.1 channel
Audio (eng): 112 kBit/s
Audio (jap): 100 kBit/s
Audio (eng): Ogg
Audio (eng): 112 kBit/s; Ogg
Audio (jap): 100 kBit/s; Mp3
Audio (eng): 112 kBit/s; Ogg; 1 channel
Audio (jap): 100 kBit/s; Mp3; 5.1 channel
Audio (jap2): Mp3


This is meant for video files with special subtitles like .mkv/.ogm with hardsubs, .avi with softsubs or so called "dubtitles"



For additional Video streams or if stuff is missing in the current system like codecs.
Video: <bitrate> kBit/s; <codec>; Resolution
Anamorphic <AR> (<Playback Resolution>)

Additional video stream[s]
Anamorphic 16:9 (853x480)
Video: lavc



Currently its not possible to add different audio/subtitle combinations to a file than the default ones. So if there is a file with e.g. Japanese, English and Spanish audio only Japanese and English can be added as audio track.
If there is a file with more audio/subtitle tracks you can post a comment about it in the description field.

  • Commentary streams are to be marked like this: English (commentary) or Japanese (commentary)
  • purely Instrumental streams are to be marked Instrumental

Additional dubs: English, German, Instrumental, Italian, Japanese (commentary)
Additional subs: Dutch, German, English (commentary), Russian, Spanish

External subtitles

For some raw videos external subtitle files (.ssa/.srt/.sub&.idx) are available. To make sure people get the right subtitle files for their raw video a comment is added to the subtitle files.

External subtitles for fid xxxx *)
External subtitles for fid xxxx, yyyy, zzzz
External subtitles for fid xxx1-xxx5

*) xxxx represents the fileid (fid) of the video the subtitle file was made for