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PLEASE NOTE: Currently this is still just a draft for a capitalization policy.

The following are some rules for proper capitalization of the titles of anime and episodes.

Japanese transcription

  • For Japanese transcription titles, all words should be capitalized except for particles unless the particle is the first word in the title. Some common particles are:
de, e, ga, na, ni, no, o, to, wa, wo, yo, (etc...)



  • The first and last words for English titles are always capitalized, and all except the words listed below are capitalized.
  • The following are lower-case, unless they are the first word or last word:
Articles: a, an, the
Conjunctions: and, but, or, nor
Prepositions that are less than five letters long: at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, to, up, with
And: as (only if it is followed by a noun)
  • Prepositions are sometimes capitalized:
Prepositions are capitalized when they are the first or last word.
Prepositions that are part of two-word "phrasal verbs" (see below for examples) are capitalized.
Prepositions that are over four letters long. (across, after, among, beyond, ...)
  • These short words are capitalized in titles. Some people occasionally forget to capitalize these:
also, be, if, than, that, thus, when, what, is, are, do, it, so, was, has, had, have, am
as (if it is followed by a verb)

Phrasal verbs

Below is a list of some "phrasal verbs":
(These are some phrases in which the preposition needs to be capitalized.)

Beat Up
Blow Out
Break Down
Break Into
Break Up
Bring Up
Call Off
Call On
Call Up
Carry On
Come Back
Come Down
Come On
Come Out
Come Over
Do Over
Fill Out
Find Out
Get Along
Get Around
Get By
Get Over
Get Through
Get Up
Give Back
Give Up
Go Along
Go Away
Go On
Go Over
Hand In
Hang Up
Hold On
Keep On
Keep Up
Leave Out
Let Down
Look For
Look Into
Look Like
Look Out
Look Over
Look Up
Make Out
Make Up
Pack Up
Pass Out
Pick Out
Pick Up
Put Away
Put Off
Put On
Put Out
Put Up with
Roll Over
Run Into
Run Out of
Run Over
Show Up
Take After
Take Back
Take Off
Take On
Take Up
Talk Back
Talk Over
Throw Away
Try On
Turn Down
Turn In
Turn Off
Turn On
Use Up
Wait On

Other Languages

For specific rules about a language, contact a minimod with "Language Verifier" status for this language: AniDB Staff