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For all cases of the count class (span.count) I would like the parenthesis inside the span, so:  
For all cases of the count class (span.count) I would like the parenthesis inside the span, so:  
<tt>&lt;td class="rating"&gt;9.33 (&lt;span class="count"&gt;723&lt;/span&gt;)&lt;/td&gt;</tt>
<tt>&lt;td class="rating"&gt;9.33 (&lt;span class="count"&gt;723&lt;/span&gt;)&lt;/td&gt;</tt>

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This page exists to discuss possible changes to the AniDB.net HTML markup

Inconsistencies are bolded

missing stuff is italicized



For all cases of the count class (span.count) I would like the parenthesis inside the span, so:

<td class="rating">9.33 (<span class="count">723</span>)</td>

Should be

<td class="rating">9.33 <span class="count">(723)</span></td>

Let's see if I can find them all:

  • div.anime_all div.info span.rating.anime
  • div.anime_all div.info span.rating.tmpanime
  • div.anime_all div.info span.rating.attavg
  • div.animehist_all div.animehistory td.rating
  • div.animehist_all div.animehistory td.tmprating
  • div.animehist_all div.animehistory td.reviews
  • div.animelist_all div.animelist_list td.rating.anime
  • div.animelist_all div.animelist_list td.rating.tmpanime
  • div.animelist_all div.animelist_list td.rating.attavg
  • div.group_all div.group_info span.rating.group
  • div.group_all div.group_released td.rating.group
  • div.grouplist_all div.group_list td.rating
  • div.latest_all div.latest_groups td.rating.group
  • div.latest_all div.latest_reviews_list td.rating.review
  • div.latest_all div.latest_reviews_list td.rating.anime
  • div.latest_all div.latest_reviews_list td.rating.attavg
  • div.latest_all div.latest_hotanime td.rating.tmpanime
  • div.mylist_all div.mylist_list td.rating.anime
  • div.mylist_all div.mylist_list td.rating.attavg
  • div.mywishlist_all td.rating
  • div.mywishlist_all td.tmprating
  • div.mywishlist_all td.revrating
  • div.search_all div.search_results td.rating.anime
  • div.search_all div.search_results td.rating.tmpanime
  • div.search_all div.search_results td.rating.attavg

Due next update

Done in 0.1.37

Anime list

  • table.anime_list td.rating.[vote|tmp|review] span.count

Latest Additions

  • table.seq tr.[yes|no] td.[yes|no] (for VV)
    • Also noticed a bunch of [td|tr].anime.anime :x
  • table.groups td.rating span.count
  • div.latest_reviews_list td.vote.[ |anime|review].[high|mid|low] span.count
  • div.latest_reviews_list td.rating.[anime|review] span.count
  • table.hotanimes td.tmprating.[high|mid|low] span.count

rating markup:

  • (td|span).rating.(anime|tmpanime|attavg|ep|group|review|my|..).(high|mid|low|hidden) span.count

Group List

  • table.group_list td.rating.[high|mid|low] span.count


  • table.animelist table.eplist select
    • still has pre-0.1.36 options

signup page

  • text on the top should be in div.g_notebox or div.g_note
  • holy crap is that a <font> tag?! :(
  • "back" link on bottom should be in ul.g_actionlist

mylist compare

  • selfish request: can we get an extra <div> or something wrapping the table.animelist so that the zakura style can match it's width to the regular mylist table.animelist (which has a <form> wrapped around it)? unless someone can figure out how to do it with the code that's there :x --Zak 01:07, 18 June 2007 (UTC)

Done in 0.1.36

Main page news items

I would like to see the news items be grouped separately, so instead of

<h4 /> <span.stamp /> <div>text</div> <h4 /> <span.stamp /> <div>text</div> ...

we would have

<div> <h4 /> <span.stamp /> text </div> <div> <h4 /> <span.stamp /> text </div> ...

i would like that too. i also want it to be a generic solution so it'll apply to animegroup and review comments too. g_timedentry or something --Epoximator 18:55, 16 May 2007 (UTC)


  • div.mynotifies_all div.list table
    • td[.name]
    • td[.new | .complete | .group | .all]
    • td[.date]

--Zak 03:36, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

My Place

  • div.latest_votes li
    • span[.high | .low]
  • div.latest_reviews li
    • span[.high | .low]
  • div.latest_files li
    • <span.date />

--Zak 03:55, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

MyDbEntries (pages that contain Lameness)

  • div.mydb_all

current situation:

all contain one that is of the classes 'text' & 'lame' the lame entries' are of the class 'lame' too the problem with that is, that by using the selector #layout-content div.mydb_all tr.lame all are affected (checked with firefox&opera)

  • div.mydb_all table.mydb_animetitle
    • tr[.verified]
    • td.verified[.yes | .no]


  • div.msg_all
    • ul has no class
      • li[.g_odd]

--Zeromind 01:10, 20 May 2007 (UTC)

Anime Reviews

  • div.review [.approved | .unrated | .disapproved] not assigned properly (e.g. 'unrated' for a review with 22votes & rating >8) - in the text the states are correct

--Zeromind 21:33, 24 May 2007 (UTC)