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Everything else.  :P
Everything else.  :P
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On the AniDB forum you can discuss possible bugs, features and clients - or just talk about anime.

Go to the forum now: Click Here

If you need help on how to use the forum, see How to use the AniDB forum?

If for some reason you cannot connect to the forum, there is an old forum available here: forum.anidb.net

Forum structure


Change Requests

Please use the "notify mod" feature for minor things. Only major things which need discussion should get posted in the forum.


For all the new stuff in AniDB. When there are any changes or important announcements regarding AniDB they will be located here.


Suggestions for improvements to AniDB go here. Feature requests that don't need discussion may also be posted to the tracker.


All your questions about AniDB belong in here. No small talk! Please report any sort of obvious bugs on the tracker instead of the forum!

AniDB Clients

AniDB O'Matic

For questions, problems, and suggestions relating to AniDB O'Matic.

Other Clients

Miscellaneous client related stuff, including AniDB client feature requests.

AniDB Development

AniDB Clients

For questions regarding the AniDB API and client development.

Stylesheets and Export Templates

For questions, problems, and suggestions regarding stylesheets and export templates.

AniDB Entries


This includes all of the comments made on the page of any anime.


This includes all of the comments made about the releases by any fansub group.

Anime Discussion

Anime Discussion

Discuss all sorts of not so anime specific topics here.


Anime Hint and the Similar Anime suggestions didn't help you find things? Then ask here.

General Discussion

Asian Drama

Talk about your favorite asian drama here.


This section is centered around all sorts of console and PC gaming.


Introduce yourself to the community.

Japanese Language and Culture

Discussions, questions, and comments about Japanese language and culture.


Discussions about manga and Japanese novels.


A section dedicated to anything music related.


Everything else. :P |