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UDP API Definition

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=== UPDATED: Get List of Updated Anime IDs ===
Returns a list of AniDB anime ids of anime that have been updated in in a given time frame, ordered by descending date.
'''Command String:'''
* UPDATED entity=1&[age={int4 id}|time={int4 date}]
'''Possible Replies:'''
{int entity}|{int total count}|{int last update date}|{list aid}
* ''entity'' is always 1
* Either ''age'' OR ''time'' can be specified, but not both
* ''age'' is specified in days.
** eg: age=30 requests a list of aid values of anime that have changed in the past 30 days
* ''time'' is specified in unix time.
** eg: time=1264982400 requests a list of aid values of anime that have changed since 2010-02-01
* A maximum of 200 values will be returned
* ''count'' specifies the total number of items found for the given time period. In short, if this value is great than 200, you have not retrieved all applicable ids.
* ''last update date'' will contain the AniDB update time of the ''last'' aid to appear on the list
'''An anime will be considered updated if:'''
* A change is made to the anime record itself
* An ''main'' or ''official'' anime title is added, edited, or deleted (not ''short'' or ''synonym'')
* An episode for the anime is added, or delete (but NOT edited!)
* An episode title is added, edited, or delete
* An anime relation is added, or deleted
== MyList Commands ==

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