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Author: fahrenheit

OS: Java VM (Sun)

Main Features:

  • ed2k, crc32, md5, sha1, tth hashing
  • file add to MyList
  • AV parsing with FFmpeg libs

Latest version: XAUC v0.6.5 : CLI JAR | GUI JAR | Source

Required libs: Xuggle : Windows Required Libraries (README.txt)

Screenshots <gallery perrow="5">Image:xauc_tab_workspace_start.jpg|Workspace tab Image:xauc_tab_workspace_idle.jpg|Workspace tab (files added) Image:xauc_tab_workspace_processing.jpg|Workspace tab (processing files) Image:xauc_tab_hashes.jpg|Hashes tab Image:xauc_tab_log.jpg|Log tab <gallery>

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