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XAUC - X AniDB UDP Client is a Java application that hashes files and adds them to your mylist at AniDB (currently not yet implemented), with the support of ffmpeg. As the name implies it's based on the UDP API and is therefore limited.

All questions, feature requests and bug reports can be post in the [AniDB Forum > Other Clients] forum.

Author: fahrenheit

OS: Java VM (Sun)

Main Features:

  • ed2k, crc32, md5, sha1, tth hashing
  • file add to MyList
  • AV parsing with FFmpeg libs

Latest version: XAUC v0.6.5 : CLI JAR | GUI JAR | Source

Required libs: Xuggle : Windows Required Libraries (README.txt)

Screenshots <gallery perrow="5">Image:xauc_tab_workspace_start.jpg|Workspace tab Image:xauc_tab_workspace_idle.jpg|Workspace tab (files added) Image:xauc_tab_workspace_processing.jpg|Workspace tab (processing files) Image:xauc_tab_hashes.jpg|Hashes tab Image:xauc_tab_log.jpg|Log tab <gallery>

Make sure you've got a jre that supports swing (if you are using the gui version)


Start XAUC as an application

To start either the console or gui version just type in java -jar xauc-cli.jar or java -jar xuac-gui.jar.


Make sure you have ffmpeg in your library path before using the GUI version, for the CLI version you can disable AV parsing so you don't need to be sure you have the libs.
For Windows just copy *.dll files in the windows/system32 directory.

'CLI version' java -jar xauc-cli.jar [OPTIONS] filename

XAUC - X AniDB UDP Client (v0.2)

Usage: [OPTIONS] file|dir Options:

       --help displays this help
       --r Recurse directory (if a directory is supplied)
       --d See debug messages
       --h:(on|off) Enable/disable file hashing (default: on)
       --h:ed2k:(on|off) Hash file with the ed2k algorithm (default: on)
       --h:crc32:(on|off) Hash file with the crc32 algorithm (default: off)
       --h:md5:(on|off) Hash file with the md5 algorithm (default: off)
       --h:sha1:(on|off) Hash file with the sha1 algorithm (default: off)
       --h:tth:(on|off) Hash file with the sha1 algorithm (default: off)
       --a:(on|off) Enable/disable file av parsing (default: on)
       --a:fp:(on|off) Enable/disable full file av parsing (slower if enabled but more information is supplied, default: off)
       --f:xml:(on|off) Enable/disable writing of parsed files xml to disk (see below for directory, default: on)
       --f:console:(on|off) Enable/disable writing of parsed files data to console (default: off)

Application directory: %USERHOMEDIR%\.xauc

usefull command lines

  • xauc-cli.jar --r --f:xml:off --f:console:on filename/dir (for outputing the results to the console
  • xauc-cli.jar --r --a:fp:on --f:xml:off --f:console:on filename/dir (for a full file parsing, may crash so use with care)

'GUI version' java -jar xauc-gui.jar

See screenshots