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==Voting levels==
It is not possible to vote on groups directly. The group rating is based on [[Votes: Anime: Group|Anime-group votes]].
You have 10 levels to choose from, you can't really use the same grading for groups as you do for anime, since they're quite different. Voting a 10 should be reserved for the best group(s) you've ever encountered, they do perfect translations, have excellent notes, good behaviour in their channel (if any) and you basically love the staff more than your mother/girlfriend/wife/father/boyfriend/husband together. Alright, maybe not that much, but you shouldn't take a vote of 10 lightly.
The basic descriptions for the levels are still based on the [[Votes|voting guideline]] though:
*10 - Sugoi
*9 - Great
*8 - Very Good
*7 - Good
*6 - Fine
*5 - Decent
*4 - Bad
*3 - Very Bad
*2 - Hopeless
*1 - Unwatchable
==Why voting "10 = good" and "1 = bad" is a bad thing==
There is a reason we have 10 levels instead of a "yes, this group is good" and "no, this group sucks" - it's to be able to distinguish which group is better than the next, so you should really only vote a 10 if you love them more than anything, and 1 if you can't understand why they even bother - it'd basically be a better idea to watch raws even if you didn't understand the language.
==Basic voting guideline for groups==
When voting for groups you should consider more than just a single release of an anime - that's what the [[Votes: Anime: Group|groups-per-anime]] vote is for. Things to think about when voting include (in no particular order):
*Their general quality - this includes both editing, encoding, translating, typeset, qualitycheck and so on.
*How fast they release
*How easy it is to get their releases
*If it's easy both to get their new releases as well as their older releases
*How good their site (if any) is
*The attitude of the group - this will be very subjective, but the fact remains that if you hate someone's guts, you will likely give them a bad vote, and vice versa. However, you should not vote low just because a single individual gets on your nerves. The attitude of the entire group should be considered.
==Voting, viewing and revoking==
If you want to vote for a group, there are 2 ways to do it:
:#Use the WebInterface<br>Go to a [[Groupentries|group's details]] page and at the bottom there will be a link you can use for voting.
:#Use [[Chii|Chii<nowiki>[AR]</nowiki>]]<br>You can use chii's [[Chii#.21voteg|!voteg]] function to vote for a group.
In order to see what you have voted for a group, you need to go to your [[MyVotes]] section, and at the bottom there is a list of all your votes for groups. If you want to '''revoke''' a vote, this is also where you go about it, using the revoke link next to the group-name. You can also use [[Chii|Chii<nowiki>[AR]</nowiki>]] to view your vote for a group with the [[Chii#.21voteg|!voteg]] command.
==Also see==
:*[[Votes|General Voting Guideline]]
:*[[Votes: Anime: Group|Anime-group votes]]

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It is not possible to vote on groups directly. The group rating is based on Anime-group votes.