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AniDB allows you to vote for single episodes as well as whole anime. You should use the vote guideline when casting a vote.

If you want to vote for an episode you have two options in order to go about it:

  1. Use the webpage.
    You need to navigate to the specific episode you want to vote for, and there you can select your vote, or revoke an already cast vote.
    If you want to change your vote, you need to revoke your earlier vote first!
    You can navigate to an episode either from your MyList or from the anime entry.
  2. Use Chii[AR].
    If you are on the IRC Network in #anidb or #anidb-spam, you can log on to Chii[AR] and use the !voteep function.

If you want to see what you have voted for an episode, there are 3 places you can check. Unfortunately, the episode-votes are not listed in your MyVotes list, though they are counted towards your "total votes" statistic. The 3 places you can check are:

  1. In the episode entry.
    You can get the episode entry through either your MyList or the anime entry.
  2. In the anime entry's graph of votes cast.
    You can find it as a [graph] link next to the votes for the anime.
    Here you can also see what others thought of the specific episode!
  3. In Chii[AR].
    You can see what you voted by not supplying a vote for the episode in question.
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