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(see vote guideline (link))
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If you perm vote for an anime, any temporary vote you have cast will be lost.
If you perm vote for an anime, any temporary vote you have cast will be lost.
==Ranking description==
Ranking goes from 1 to 10. If you're unfamiliar with numbers, here is an example of description you can imagine for each rank of vote:
* 1 - unwatchable
* 2 - hopeless
* 3 - very bad
* 4 - bad
* 5 - decent (neither bad nor good)
* 6 - fine
* 7 - good (recommended)
* 8 - very good
* 9 - great (must watch)
* 10 - sugoi (masterpiece)
==Why can't I vote permanently?!==
==Why can't I vote permanently?!==

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You should take a look at the vote guideline before voting. There you will see what levels there are and how to use them correctly.


In order to vote for an anime you will have to be logged in. After that you should go to the anime page and then you will see an option to vote for the anime beneath the description or any awards the anime might have (see the animeentries wiki page for further details). If you have seen an anime completely you should use the permanent vote option if it is available; otherwise you should use the temporary vote option.

You can change your vote at any time by clicking on the "revoke" link in the details of the anime, or on the "revoke" link in your MyVotes.

If you perm vote for an anime, any temporary vote you have cast will be lost.

Why can't I vote permanently?!

AniDB allows permanent voting only for animes that have been aired/released completely. To determine if an anime has been aired/released completely, the Finished Airing/Release Date of the anime entry is compared to the current date.
Permanent voting is possible only if the Finished Airing/Release Date is added AND lies in the past.
So, if you are unable to vote permanently it is likely that nobody has added the Finished Airing/Release Date for this anime yet.
To vote you have to look on the internet for the correct Finished Airing/Release Date of this anime and then file a creq by clicking the "request edit" link at the bottom of the anime page.
If you don't know where to find the Finished Airing/Release Date, these pages can help you.

Note: Please always include the URL to the page where you found the Finished Airing/Release Date information in the creq comment field.