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Zakura CSS

More info on my AniDB style "Zakura" can be found on the AniDB:CSS_styles page.

If you'd like to help me out with improving/fixing the design, either by reporting a buggy display or just offering your opinion, please send me a message via my Talk page or email me.

Needs work

  • icons
  • misc images for style
  • any pages that look wonky :P


5/18/07 zakura.tar.gz


  • fixed g_navlist and g_numonpage :before text
  • added Mamimi image to main page rightbar (New to AniDB?)
  • changed main page rightbar list item style
  • added group.css and addgroup.css
  • fixed .creq_all th font color
  • fixed comment boxes not spanning entire window width


  • fixed userpage section display
  • added global div.block behavior
  • fixed main page news title wrapping bug
  • bolded current .g_jumplist filter


  • Initial release of zakura css