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WIP list for changelog page to be added at next release. More items may be added.

Version 1.1.0 (yyyy-mm-dd)

  • [Feature] Allow prefix sign operators; negative numbers are now supported without workarounds like {{0 - 1}}
  • [Feature] Allow the not operator (!) for flipping a boolean variable's value
  • [Feature] Extend the date() function; second parameter may now be a numeric value representing the unix timestamp, and third parameter may now be an offset from UTC to shift the output time with
  • [Feature] Add middle/center keywords to text alignment
  • [Feature] Implement per-signature anime title language selection (1701)
  • [Feature] Implement per-signature episode title language selection (2989)
  • [Feature] Introduce more fine-grained access control (1375). Signatures can now only retrieve data that is visible to guests by default. By selecting a different access mode, the signature can retrieve either all normal entry data, or all data including porn entries.
  • [Feature] Added several new fonts to choose from, both for variety and for required non-Latin language support: code2000 (several scripts; info), florencesans (Latin scripts), jackeyfont (pixel font for Japanese scripts), lateef (Arabic scripts), notonaskharabic (Arabic scripts – no Latin support), notosanscjk (Japanese, Chinese, Korean scripts), ubuntu and ubuntu_bold (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic scripts)
    • Note that, regardless of font support, scripts that are written from right to left are not supported properly for now due to a technical shortcoming we cannot really do anything to right now. (PHP bug 43899)
  • [Feature] New variable: $stat_mylist_last_aid
  • [Feature] New constant variables $PI and $E for the respective natural mathematical constants.
  • [Feature] Add function fsformat for formatting file sizes
  • [Fix] Use HTTPS for external links and retain scheme for local ones (2457)
  • [Fix] Fonts with underscores in their names can now be set as default fonts
  • [Fix] Variable $animestat_an_gn_group_gshortname now works correctly
  • [Fix] $animestat_an_gn_group_* variables now work even if the group's release has no ratings
  • [Fix] Finished anime variables didn't include movies finished by watching files of partial episodes (962; fixed on AniDB side)
  • [Misc] Lots of code cleanup behind the scenes
  • [Misc] Most labels in forms are now correctly connected to their respective input tags
  • [Misc] Renamed some variables for consistency; old names will still work for now
    • $stat_mylist_lastanime$stat_mylist_last_aname
    • $stat_mylist_lastanime_date$stat_mylist_last_date
    • $latestanime_idn_name$latestanime_idn_aname