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MangaDB concept

Hierarchy: Mangadb-hierarchy.png

  • Magazine would be the root in theory; on the interface, there wouldn't be much of a difference between Magazine and Manga entries. Since they would be on separate pages.
  • Books and/or Volumes don't need to be present.
  • Manga with only a chapter under it is what you'd call a one-shot manga (yomikiri) or a doujin.
  • Manga with chapters under it is a commercial porn manga (not magazine) or a doujin.
  • Chapters can be linked to and displayed under Issues and Volumes or Issues and Manga. Can't be linked under Manga and Volumes at the same time.
  • Different editions of Books and/or Volumes would be added as separate entries under the manga entry.

Still needs to be thought of

Group integration

You assign chapters to a group, not groups to a chapter like it is with group-file relations. There will not be any files, not even generic. When assigning chapters to a group, you given them also the language, which should be the only property added to it I guess. Chapters are treated as generic files that can be added to your mylist with the possibility to add properties to them. Properties include adding a group if there are present (can also add chapters via group), language in case the manga was released in another country, chapter states (on hdd, on optical media, deleted, on paper).


Issue/vol (in ascii art):

    <-prev-  [drop]  -next->
           pic   info
groups (displaying how many chapters of this volume a group has released)
chapter list

Magazine/manga (in ascii art):

           pic   info
   chapter list

External Resources

The problem with manga is that there's too much of it and there doesn't seem to exist one comprehensive Japanese database that would cover all. Apparently that's an impossible task. Fortunately there do exist sites that manage to cover certain bits and pieces.

  • - rar's page consisting of what he managed to crawl from now defunct s-book. S-book was a site of six publishers banding together for one retail site, but they have since unbanded and s-book now offers other services. Yes, it's password protected, it's for only people involved anyway.
  • - a something of an "official" database as the project as there was money involved in creating it plus the Contemporary Manga Library, Kawasaki City Museum、and the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoon and Comics oversaw the development. The database is split into two parts: "The Era of Post-War Shōnen and Shōjo Magazines and Monthly Magazines" covers 24,841 volumes of 619 magazines with about 200,000 works from 1945 to 1962, while "The Era of Shōnen and Seinen Magazines and Weekly Magazines" covers 5,488 volumes of 602 magazines with about 173,452 issues from 1955 to 2007. For example, the first section lists 1908-1955's Shōjo no Tomo text and manga magazine. The second section lists last year's defunct Comic Gumbo magazine and 1,200 manga titles and features that have appeared in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. (The 1,200 listings only represent part of Shonen Jump's manga and features — more are being added to the database.) There are different levels of access to the data, ranging from no-charge browsing to an annual 6,000-yen (about US$60) "Course C" fee for individual subscribers and an annual 380,000 yen (about US$3,800) "Course A" fee from complete access. (Academic institutions and public libraries have discounted fees.) Browsers can look up a magazine's company, publishing dates, volume count, manga titles, and authors in the database's second half without charge. Paid subscribers can access information about individual issues, editorial staff, price, and details about color inserts. Paid subscribers can also search by keyword. (via ANN)
  • - apparently some crazy fan managed to list every issue (dates, content and mangaka) of Ribon, Ribon Original and Ribon special issues since 1993 (Ribon is a shoujo magazine). Ribon has been published since 1955, but you can only ask so much of the crazy fans.
  • - from the same page, this time for another shoujo magazine - Nakayoshi, but missing issues of recent years.
  • - the news group listings... I can't comprehend that site yet...

  • - More than 2,500 manga artists and more than 10,000 of their works are listed, and many biographies, summaries and reviews are also provided. page not updated since 2004.

Porn Seiyuu Names

List of seiyuu aliases that at the time of checking didn't have a wiki entry, no other anime credits and no connection to any other names on GamePlaza.