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Since Ninjamask and I (Foo2) have been cleaning up the wiki pages, trying to use practical templates to make the look more consistent, I will be putting together a list of tips (as reminder to myself), but quite possibly also useful for the wikipedians out there as well.


  • Add link to the templates...
  • Mention how to make the most of the link related templates with real-world examples.
  • Tips & Ideas on "nice" layout.
  • ...

Using templates to manage links more easily

As you can see the templates significantly reduce the information noise, and are easier to handle than the full URLs. This should also help avoid typos.

{{short}} - AniDB short links        ->   {{short|p13}}   ->   {{short|post59971}}

{{AniDBLink}} - AniDB links

[ user page] 
  ->   {{AniDBLink|userpage|user page}}
  ->   {{AniDBLink|file|size|247822336|hash|7762}}

Wikipedia references

[ How to edit a page]
  ->   [[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|How to edit a page]]

{{OldThreadLink}} - Old Forum links      ->   {{OldThreadLink|5653}}   ->   {{OldThreadLink|933}}

{{t}} - Links to the Bugtracker

[ convert to html]   ->   {{t|498|convert to html}}

... more to come ...

Consistent Capitalization of Names

Where possible spell these terms exactly as shown:

  • AniDB
  • MyList
  • Avdump
  • ...

Avoiding HTML, when Wiki Code exists

The wiki very much supports HTML tags in the textareas, but since it comes with it's own set of convenient "tags", it is a good idea to use the latter, if possible:

<b>...</b>   ->   '''...'''
<i>...</i>   ->   ''...''



How to colour text?

Use the {{colour}} template to colour text, this way you can avoid having to use <font color=...>...</font> or <span style="color:...;>...</span>, e.g.

{{colour|blue|blah blah blah}}      ->  HTML colour name used to colour "blah blah blah" blue.
{{colour|#FF8000|oink oink oink}}   ->  HTML colour code used to colour "oink oink oink" orange.
Note "Manually" colouring text is actually *not* recommended style-wise, but if you really need to colour text the template should help.
Note The template has problems colouring more than one line, i.e. several paragraphs, so be sure to double-check its usage.

Use of <br>

  • Empty lines in the Wiki code do *not* require a <br> at the end of the previous paragraph, i.e.

more blah

is redundant, remove the <br>:


more blah

--- everything is still very much todo ---