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Feature overview

This article will describe the features of the tag system and how to manipulate its tags and related items.
If you want to know the actual structure of the Tag System read "TagSystem Internal" or if you're only interested in the steps which need to be taken to add/change/remove tags read TagSystem HowTo.

Basic Structure

There are multiple sub systems (Anime, Characters, Episodes and Creators) each have their own tree build upon a common pool of tags
Tags can have multiple names (one main name and multiple aliases, each with language support), an image, a description, 18+ restriction
Within a sub system a tag has additional properties: Abstract, HasWeight, NoPorn, OnlyPorn, IsSpecific, Spoiler, Verified, Blocked, RestrictedTo, etc
A tag may be added to an Entity (Anime, Character, Episode, Creator) when it is not blocked from their respective sub system, a weight and a spoiler flag may be added as well if needed








Add/Delete Entity Tags


The Current Tab shows all currently added tags (and their important properties) specific to an entity (Anime, Character, Episode, Creator).

Column meanings in order:

Ancestors of the tag
The name of the tag
The weight of the tag (see the tag weight section for more information)
How often the tag used on other entities
Whether the tag-entity relationship been verified by a mod/tag maintainer
Whether a description has been set, which is used on its tag page (see the description section for more information)
Whether a tooltip description has been set, which is used for mouse over tooltips (see the description section for more information)
Spoiler? (global)
Whether the tag should be considered a spoiler
Spoiler? (local)
Whether the tag-entity relation should be considered a spoiler
Added by
Who added the tag-entity relation
When the tag-entity was added
  1. Edit the tag (including tag-entity weight and spoiler properties)
  2. Delete the tag-entity relation
  3. Delete the tag
  4. See the history of the tag

Edit Tags

The Edit Tags tab, will list all currently added tags and their weights in text form, which can be edited as needed.
(If you only want to add existing tags or weights of tags consider using the "Edit Tags (GUI)" instead.)

Read the text above the text box to get more information how to properly edit the tags there (Test Anime Tags)
After editing and clicking edit tags a confirmation page will appear only after confirming your changes there will data be changed.

The confirmation page will show a summary of the changes (which can be corrected if necessary). It will also allow to set the local spoiler flag for each tag-entity relation.

Edit Tags (GUI)

In the Edit Tags (GUI) tab you can add tags to the current entity and/or change their weight.
The process is described in the hint box directly below the tab header.
Clicking edit tags will apply your changes.

Take notice of the icons and hover them for a hint tooltip if the meaning is not obvious to you.


The History tab shows the history of all tag-entity relations made to the current entity.

Column meanings in order:

The date of the change
The action taken for that change
Ancestors of the tag
The name of the tag
Weight (old)
The previous weight (before the change)
Weight (new)
The weight after the change
Spoiler? (old)
The previous spoiler state (before the change)
Spoiler? (new)
The spoiler state after the change
The corresponding change request url
by User
The user who requested the change

Add/Edit Tag

Add Tags

Edit Tag

Tag Entity specific Data

This section is only available when editing a tag that was edited from an entity.

Spoiler for this entry?
Whether the tag-entity relation should be considered a (local) spoiler
The weight for this tag-entity relation

Tag Base Data

Main Name

The name that will be used to represent the tag. Click on "add/edit names" on the top right to add more names/aliases.

18+ Restricted
Whether the tag should be restricted. The image used for this tag is the primary concern. Any tag marked as restricted will not be shown to unregistered users or those who have adult content disabled.
Picture ID
The file name of an image uploaded to AniDB. (How to upload an image to AniDB)
Lexicon Description
The description that will be displayed on its tag page.
The description that will be shown if the tag is hovered
Parent Anime/Character/Creator/Episode
The parent of the tag for each sub system
abstract (acts as a container)
Abstract tags cannot be added to entities
allowed to have weight
Tags with weight can have a values from 1 to 6 (+ to ***) otherwise it is just "on" or "off"
blocked from porn
Tags with this enabled cannot be added to 18+ restricted entities
displayed as a separate block in massedit
franchise/entry specific
Tags should be marked with this option when it is only relevant to a small set of related entities (e.g. Devil Fruit from the One Piece franchise)
not displayed as a parent in info block
Tags with this set will not be shown on the tag tree when itself isn't added to the entry
restricted to porn
Tags with this enabled can only be added to 18+ restricted entities
shown in the info block and by chii
Whether the irc bot chii will include this tag in its replies
spoiler (global/always)
Whether this tag should always be considered as a spoiler irrespective to which entity it may be added to
verified (shown on entry pages)
Whether this tag has been verified by a Mod/Tag Maintainer
Blocked from
Any entity selected here will make the tag unaddable to those entities
Restricted to
Additional and more fine grained restriction per sub system. If none are marked everything is allowed, otherwise only those marked are not blocked
Comment for Mod
Useful comment why this change is needed. If possible with evidence to back up your claim.

Add/Edit/Remove Tag Names


Column meanings in order:

The date when this name was added
The one of the names of the tag
The language for the current tag name
Whether a mod has verified the tag name
The type of the tag name. There may only be one "Main Name" and multiple Alias tag names
Added by
Who added this tag name
View the changes made to the tag name
Change the tag name
request delete
Make a deletion request which a mod or tag maintainer needs to process

Add Name

The name of the tag name to be added
The type of the to be added tag name
The language the tag name is written in

Tag Maintainer

How do I become one?


Tag merging

Conventions and best practices


Naming Rules

To ensure tag-naming consistency, please abide by these rules:

  • Tag names are basically all lower case, just like they would be used in sentences with British English spelling, e.g.
anything can be awesome, creepy Gothic architecture.
  • Reminder: Countries / languages start with a capital 1st letter, i.e.
Spain, French, Japanese.
  • Abbreviations are kept all upper case, e.g.
SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.
  • Full sentences begin in upper case, just like any sentence would.
Where`s my story?
Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Japanese words are spelled all lower case, e.g.
sakura, henshin, onii-chan.


character names, voice actors, directors, fannames, etc.
  • all upper-case tag names, e.g.
FOOBAR -> foobar
  • avoid excessive use of ! or ?, e.g.
foobar!!! -> foobar!
Note Please try to be objective when creating tag names, e.g. "this show is crap" will certainly not help and be deleted.

Examples: great OP song, Japanese mythology, tsundere, engaged to an alien, Weekly Shounen Jump


When adding a new tag name, please add a description text as well. This helps all the users out there understand why you defined the tag, and will make your tags all the more valuable and useful:

  • Use British English (no fancy casing)!
  • Try to describe the intent / meaning of your tag as clearly as possible.
  • Use complete sentences, e.g. "Japanese for transformation (metamorphosis or disguise)."
  • Please do not simply copy the tag name into the description field. This is redundant spam.

If you happen to see a tag without a description, feel free to add your own. Help make the anime tags more descriptive!

Note Tag maintainers are much more likely to delete an obscure tag that does not have a description.



How do I add an image to a tag?

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What does tag-entity relation mean?

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