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  • sigh* ok this needs to happen it's cock... eh code blocking me.

still lots of stuff missing. roughly checked upto anime.js in anime3 folder

current functionalities handled by js


  • expand episodes on anime/manga entries
  • expand anime/group entries on mylist
  • expand groups on anime/manga entries
  • shift select range of checkboxes in a column (multicolumn mode by class)
  • character/creator tag form (already done)
  • character/creator search for guises on add/edit form
  • mass file edit page
  • mass episode edit page (needs prolly a whole redesign. it's clunky and scares babies and kittens)
  • css style changer
  • tab changer
  • shuttle frunctionality for profile/customize
  • add/remove files from mylist from episodelist (mylist/episode list)
  • massadd/edit generic files to mylist for anime

slightly less important

  • bb code editor for posts
  • confirmation box for delete actions on creq pages
  • foldable category tree (undecided if this will need to be reimplemented)
  • sort columns in table
  • filter options from add character page which don't apply for certain types
  • calendar; add stuff to wishlist/notification
  • switching between guises on character/creator page
  • group search on single file add/edit page + ed2k parse to get the group/crc

minor stuff

  • username/password validation on signup page
  • fold filter bar on lists
  • character/anime/creator search for relations
  • tag search on tag convert
  • title search on add anime title
  • spinner on quickvote page (wth does that need js?!)

oddball stuff no one sane uses

  • odd hover effect window in lists (info icon)