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Data Commands





Mylist Commands

MYLISTADD: Add file to mylist

Feature request: It'd be useful if the reply of this command would contain the lid of the added file.

Possible Replies:

{int4 number of entries added}[|{int4 lid}]

Replies with 3xx and 4xx codes skipped.


  • The lid of the added file is written in the reply only in case just one file was added. Actualy, if many files were added, there lid's would by useless to client because it wouldn't know the correspondence between lid's and files.

Notify Commands

NOTIFYGET: Get Notification/Message

--raboni 17:13, 6 Sep 2006 (GMT+1)

--edited by raboni 19:30, 7 Sep 2006 (GMT+1)

Feature request: When you get the notification you only find the anime name and the anime id in it. It would be better if you can also get the file id with this notification, so you can find out which group has released the movie. It is a headache to find the groupname in the HTTP page, if you have in mind that when more than one group release a movie in one day and you have to find out which you wanna have...

Command String:

  • NOTIFYGET type={str type}&id={int4 id}

Possible Replies:
when type = N

{int4 aid}|{int4 type}|{int2 count}|{int4 date}|{str anime_name} <-- for backward compatibility
{int4 date}|{int4 fid}


  • fid
The File ID of the given episode that has been released.


 > NOTIFYGET type=N&id=2369&s=xxxxx


The current system doesn't store fids, only count, when i think about it. This has to be approved by exp himself.--Epoximator 10:33, 24 September 2006 (UTC)

Misc Commands

USERLIST : Retrieve Mylist Data of a specified user [rejected]

Feature Request : The purpose is for a client I want to make, which will essentially be a more user friendly method of viewing and manipulating the view of a user's list. Sort by various categories and so on. I would like to be able to view and browse a specified user's list just as I can with the web interface

Probably best implemented to behave just like the mylist commands.

Command String:
by lid: (userlist user={str name}&id)

  • USERLIST user={str name}&lid={int4 lid}

by fid:

  • USERLIST user={str name}&fid={int4 fid}

by size+ed2k hash:

  • USERLIST user={str name}&size={int4 size}&ed2k={str ed2khash}

by anime + group + epno

  • USERLIST user={str name}&aname={str anime name}&gname={str group name}&epno={int4 episode number}
  • USERLIST user={str name}&aname={str anime name}&gid={int4 group id}&epno={int4 episode number}
  • USERLIST user={str name}&aid={int4 anime id}&gname={str group name}&epno={int4 episode number}
  • USERLIST user={str name}&aid={int4 anime id}&gid={int4 group id}&epno={int4 episode number}

Possible Replies:

  • 221 USERLIST
{int4 lid}|{int4 fid}|{int4 eid}|{int4 aid}|{int4 gid}|{int4 date}|{int2 state}|{int4 viewdate}|{str storage}|{str source}|{str other}
{str anime title}|{int episodes}|{str eps with state unknown}|{str eps with state on hhd}|{str eps with state on cd}|{str eps with state deleted}|{str watched eps}|{str group 1 short name}|{str eps for group 1}|...|{str group N short name}|{str eps for group N}


  • The state field provides information about the location and sharing state of a file in mylist.
  • If files are added after hashing, a client should specify the state as 1 (on hdd) (if the user doesn't explicitly select something else).
  • eps is a list of episodes, e.g. "1-12,14-16,T1"


 0 - unknown - state is unknown or the user doesn't want to provide this information
 1 - on hdd - the file is stored on hdd (but is not shared)
 2 - on cd - the file is stored on cd
 3 - deleted - the file has been deleted or is not available for other reasons (i.e. reencoded)


 > USERLIST user=baka&aname=gits sac&s=xxxxx
 Koukaku Kidoutai STAND ALONE COMPLEX|26||1-26|1-26,S2-S27|||V-A|S2-S27|LMF|20-26|KAA|1-26|AonE|1-19|Anime-MX|1-3,9-20

It would probably be ok to add this, but note that it would be a hassle to fetch a complete mylist. I mean, you can already do this with your own list, but it takes a lot of time because of the datagram rate limit. (It would take at least 8h to fetch my own list). And that is usage we don't really want @ udp api. And a command that returns all the data at once will, of course, not be allowed. So, in other words, if you just want to check if a friend has a specific file, or what files per anime (multiple files found), then ok, but view and browse a specified user's list just as I can with the web interface is not likely to happen/be allowed.--Epoximator 11:29, 4 June 2006 (CEST)

What I'm really interested in is maintaining local dbs of 3/4 user lists and having a client automatically update them every 2/3 weeks. We use this to coordinate information within our country regarding who has what =p. But what we're interested in is a way to be able to selectively retrieve the entire list by some index. OFcourse if its slow, then it makes sense to maintain it locally and just look for changes. The other thing I really want is to somehow retrieve with mylist file data (or user list file data), the date at which something was added to the list. (I understand this information exists). The idea here is we can locally query these lists for files added within the last 2/3 months. --path 11:53, 25 June 2006 (IST)
That's really not wanted usage for this api. Have you thought about the possibility to use mylist export? You know you can make you own export template and get all the info you want at once? A command that query all changes (lids) within the last 2/3 months (or even weeks) is not going to be added. --Epoximator 12:36, 25 June 2006 (UTC)

Web Service API

I think most of the UDP API funcionality could be exposed as a web service. Not only it would make client programming simpler but could also solve some NAT/Proxy/Firewall UDP problems. This web service would only provide query capabilities, since callbacks (required for notifications) in web services still pose some problems. --Jassuncao 08:43, 20 September 2006 (UTC)

Web services are for big idiot corps with rooms of servers and no competent programmers. Spend TCP->HTTP->SOAP overhead to save on personnel. --Rar 21:49, 23 September 2006 (UTC)
Since this is not the right place to start a flame war I will not comment.