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A few ideas for bored souls who might be interested in doing a little anidb housekeeping.

Anime entries

  • Removing the dreaded Â-s
  • Markup existing descriptions with the new(ish) <b></b> and <i></i> tags
  • Replace lame animenfo pseudoenglish with a short bit of prose actually representative of the series
  • Add dates and titles for episodes


  • Add full credits for any series you happen to be watching
  • Add japanese name for all companies, usually katakana, some kanji names
  • Add pictures for any companies that have websites and logos
  • Add short description for all notable animation studios and people
  • Continue adding missing entries, particularly H-game makers, and mangaka
  • Add credits to anime from companies' websites, or if you must, ANN


  • Continue thinking about how to classify stuffs, and contribute to the thread
  • When it's sensible, start adding the well accepted categories to appropraite anime

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