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If you want to create a list of links placed in a horizontal bar ("Quick Jump"), this template will help you.


The template can have 2 to 15 parameters:

  1. {{horizontal-nav|<title>|<link1>}}
  2. {{horizontal-nav|<title>|<link1>|<link2>}}
  3. {{horizontal-nav|<title>|<l1>|<l2>|<l3>}}
  4. ...
  5. {{horizontal-nav|<title>|<l1>|<l2>|<l3>| ...|<l13>|<l14>}}
   <title> =  Name of the "Quick Jump" section. Use - for an empty name.
   <link1> =  1st link in horizontal bar.
      <l2> =  2nd link in horizontal bar.
     <l13> =  13th link in horizontal bar.
     <l14> =  14th and last link in horizontal bar.

Real-world Examples

Important Place all parameters / links in one line, spreading the links across several lines leads to formatting issues!
Note The source code examples were shorted to keep them readable.

{{horizontal-nav|-| [[How to get started with creqing#Files|Files]] | ... }}
Quick Jump: Files | Anime | Episodes | Groups

{{horizontal-nav|Files| [[How to get started with creqing#|Top]] | ... }}
Files Quick Jump: Top | Sources | Length | Hashes | Version | Censored | Group | Release Date | Audio | Video | Subtitles