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:* '''Abbreviations''' are kept all ''upper case'', e.g.
:* '''Abbreviations''' are kept all ''upper case'', e.g.
:: <tt>SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.</tt>
:: <tt>SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.</tt>
:* Full '''sentences''' begin in upper case, just like any sentence would.
::<tt>{{tag|6476|Where`s my story?}}</tt>
:* '''Names''' as in movies or book titles use ''[[Capitalization|Book Title Capitalization]]'', e.g.
:* '''Names''' as in movies or book titles use ''[[Capitalization|Book Title Capitalization]]'', e.g.
:: <tt>Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?</tt>
:: <tt>Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?</tt>

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Tags are per user based categories/grouping options. For a quick overview see the Top 500 Tags on AniDB.


Currently fully implemented, suggestions on improvement are welcome.

You can:

  • add tags to an anime
  • vote up or down for a tag
  • list anime with the same tags
  • request edit/delete for tags
  • blacklist tags
  • mark tags as spoiler (per anime or globally)

Adding your own Anime Tags

Tagname - Lower case / British English

Differing from category names (e.g. Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement) that use book title caps spelling, the anime tags are spelled lower case by default, in British English!

Tagname Rules

To ensure tag-naming consistency, please abide by these rules:

  • Tag names are basically all lower case, just like they would be used in sentences with British English spelling, e.g.
anything can be awesome, creepy Gothic architecture.
  • Reminder: Countries / languages start with a capital 1st letter, i.e.
Spain, French, Japanese.
  • Abbreviations are kept all upper case, e.g.
SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.
  • Full sentences begin in upper case, just like any sentence would.
Where`s my story?
Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Japanese words are spelled all lower case, e.g.
sakura, henshin, onii-chan.


  • redundant use of existing category names - set the category instead!
  • redundant use of character tags, e.g.
character names, voice actors, directors, anime specific organisations, fannames, etc.
  • all upper-case tag names, e.g.
FOOBAR -> foobar
  • avoid excessive use of ! or ?, e.g.
foobar!!! -> foobar!
Note Please try to be objective when creating tag names, e.g. "this show is crap" will certainly not help and be deleted.

Examples: great OP song, Japanese mythology, tsundere, engaged to an alien, Weekly Shounen Jump

Group - Tag Groups

Work in Progress As we speak all this is changing...
Administrative The new tag groups are strictly administrative, please ignore this section if you are a normal user.
Let's Tag Maintainers / Mods / etc. assign a group name to the current anime tag. Should help better find certain types of tags, i.e. those belonging to a certain group. These tag groups are presently available:
select an appropriate group
Group name has not yet been set, please choose one, if you can.
Examples: ...
The anime tag is character related, meaning it has something to do with the characters in the anime, be it names, abilities, character traits, profession etc. [add more examples]
Examples: ...
Sayings, expressions, etc. related to some character dialogue (This would technically also fit the character-related group).
Examples: faito!, ...
How does the anime end, usually related to tags with global or local spoilers.
Examples: ...
Tags related to content that spans (complete) episodes ("foo2: I think?!").
Examples: pool episode, beach episode, onsen episode, ...
All tags that are *not* objective and represent some "personal" opinion. As a pointer all tags that use the words great, awesome, good, bad, etc. are judgemental.
Examples: great OP, awesome ED, ...
These should normally be covered by the categories, but should an anime tag describe a setting this is the group to use.
Examples: ...


When adding a new tag name, please add a description text as well. This helps all the users out there understand why you defined the tag, and will make your tags all the more valuable and useful:

  • Use British English (no fancy casing)!
  • Try to describe the intent / meaning of your tag as clearly as possible.
  • Use complete sentences, e.g. "Japanese for transformation (metamorphosis or disguise)."
  • Please do not simply copy the tag name into the description field. This is redundant spam.

If you happen to see a tag without a description, feel free to add your own. Help make the anime tags more descriptive!

Note Tag maintainers are much more likely to delete an obscure tag that does not have a description.

Global Spoiler? / Local Spoiler?

A tag can very well be a huge spoiler. To avoid giving away information you can either check mark it as a global spoiler (tag name is always considered to be a spoiler) or as a local spoiler (tag name is only a giveaway for the current anime).

Data was verified

Administrative This section is strictly administrative, please ignore this section if you are a normal user.
Allows the flagging of tags as verified (whatever that actually means).

Alias (1 alias per line)

Administrative This section is strictly administrative, please ignore this section if you are a normal user.
Up to now it did not make much sense to have several anime tags basically meaning the same, so these redundant tags were blacklisted (removed from the tag list). Now it is possible to assign several aliases to one main tag.
Example 1: Allow singular and plural tag names to be aliased: female androids (main tag) <-> female android (alias).
Example 2: ... [more examples needed]...

Comment for Mod

When suggesting a tag name change, add a descriptive comment in the text box explaining your reasons.

Anime Tag DEV

Some ideas about the future of Tags: Anime Tag DEV