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==How to upload the picture==
==How to upload the picture==

Uploading at AniDB is pretty simple, Select the anime that's on the pic and scroll down to the bottom of the page, now you click on "Request Edit" and you'll get many boxes of text and stuff related to this anime. Well, you're there to upload an image so you scroll down to the field "PIC ID" (It's the anly field that got red text below, you can't miss it). Ok, now you found the box where you fill in the ID... but you wanted to upload your pick, so you check the text below it and find something in blue color that's named "Pic Upload Function", click that link and a new window will open. The rest is simple, just select the pic that you wanted to upload (remember the recomended imagesize, 300x400 px) and press the button "UPLOAD", then it's all done!
Click on the link below to open the uploadwindow:<br>
[http://anidb.info/cgi-bin/picupload.pl Pic Upload Function]

==Other issues==
==Other issues==


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