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I've seen the basic stuff of what's going on. I've also tried to tweak the xml specification a little to single out those that are general (to all of anime community) and those that are anidb AniDB specific (I use a namespace idea so that anidb AniDB stuff like ids, ratings etc are clearly marked).
Also tried throwing in a more general resource tag so that anything can be referenced there. (one example is the anime's main image, any weblinks to external databases, official sites, additional links to images and videos etc)
=== Forum ===
this is the thread that originated it all.* {{OldThreadLink|5653 }}
=== Some more updates ===
[''[[user:fahrenheit|fahrenheit]] - for the first part it can be impractical for large animes, for the second, can happen with server-spoon-fed html, we had some greasemonkey scrips before, you can mess with anything that has a dom tree'']
[''sphere - for the first, I'll like to think for data of anidbAniDB's size, it is still mostly ok as we at most deal with one anime at a time, but this is groundless until we can do some testing'']
==== AJAX ++ (javeline) ====
5. [] [] These 2 are the publicly avaialble xml with language and country codes used to translate the language text (when you mouse over the country flags beside the official titles)
6. [] This example illustrates simple multilingual by setting japanese as default language. Notice that static strings (some are not done yet though) gets changed. Also, episode list automatically tries to list those titles of default language as the first title. Other anidb AniDB code lists like category names etc are not handled (coz I don't have the complete list ready) but can potentially be done so, such that if entries corresponding to specified default language is available, it can get loaded. (Do pardon any translation mistakes as I am not a native speaker)
== Comments, propositions and whatever else ==


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